I clowns by Federico Fellini

I clowns

I Clowns: A 1970 Mockumentary by Federico Fellini “I Clowns” is a pseudo-documentary film directed in 1970 by the acclaimed Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. Blending … Read more

Tutti a casa (Everybody Go Home)

Tutti a casa (Everybody Go Home)

Luigi Comencini’s 1960 Masterpiece: Understanding Everybody Go Home “Everybody Go Home” (Tutti a casa) is a 1960 film directed by Luigi Comencini, written by the … Read more


The Grand Bouffe

The 1973 satire movie La Grande Bouffe, also known as La grande abbuffata or The Grand Bouffe, was directed by Marco Ferreri. Starring in it … Read more


The Invisible Boy

Michele, thirteen, is shy, disliked at school, and madly in love with Stella. He discovers that he is invisible after dressing up for a Halloween … Read more


Puerto Escondido

Mario has a typical life, working in a bank in Milan. When he witnesses a murder and is shot himself by the perpetrator, a mad … Read more



Two performers depart on a theatrical tour, but there is a problem: one has become the lover of the other’s girlfriend and cannot bring himself … Read more


Marrakech Express

Teresa, a Spanish girl, travels to Milan to visit Ponchia, Marco, Paolino, and Cedro, whom she hasn’t seen in years; her lover, their old buddy … Read more


The Monster

Loris is mistaken for a serial murderer after a string of odd activities. Jessica, an undercover cop, will try to persuade him to commit murder. … Read more

Johnny Stecchino

Johnny Stecchino 

A good-hearted but stupid moron who enjoys stealing bananas is mistaken for a snitch fleeing from the mafia. Johnny Stecchino is a comedy film made … Read more


The Little Devil

During an exorcism, Father Maurice encounters Giuditta, a small demon who refuses to return to hell and instead wishes to explore the earth. The Little … Read more


Life is Beautiful

When an open-minded Jewish waiter and his kid become Holocaust victims, he employs a perfect combination of determination, humor, and creativity to defend his son … Read more


Festa di laurea

The adorable attempts of a divorced, modest baker to entice a bourgeois society woman. Festa di laurea, also known as Graduation Party in the United … Read more