European Digital Finance Landscape: Online Banking in the North, Cash in the South

The North-South Split in European Online Banking Trends The relationship between Europeans and digital financial services exhibits significant regional disparities. According to Eurostat’s Regional Yearbook, … Read more

Italian General's Controversial Book Triggers Debate and Probe

General Vannacci’s Book Sparks National Debate and Official Inquiry in Italy

Government’s Divided Response to Vannacci’s Controversial Narratives. From statements like “dear homosexuals, you are not normal” to “I claim the right to hate,” several remarks … Read more


Ancient Pompeii Reveals Room of Slaves: Casting Light on Pompeii’s Lower Class

Artifacts from 2000 Years Ago: Casting Light on Pompeii’s Lower Class. In the Roman villa of Civita Giuliana, just about 600 meters from the ancient … Read more

Daily Mediterranean Detrended Surface Temperature

Unprecedented Maritime Heatwave Grips Mediterranean

Heatwave in Italy: Mediterranean Sea at Record-Breaking Highs. An unprecedented maritime heatwave has gripped the Mediterranean Sea, as it witnesses a substantial upswing in water … Read more

ISTAT's 2023 Annual Report Italy's Socioeconomic Analysis

ISTAT’s 2023 Annual Report: A Detailed Examination of Italy’s Socioeconomic Challenges and Opportunities

Understanding Italy’s Demographic and Economic Challenges: Insights from ISTAT’s 2023 Report The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) has recently published its 2023 Annual Report, … Read more


Bergamo Speleologist Rescue: Challenges in the Face of Rain and Rocky Terrain

Rescue Operation Intensifies for Trapped Speleologist in Fonteno Cave. The effort to rescue a 31-year-old speleologist, who has been trapped 150 meters deep in the … Read more


Campi Flegrei: The Stirring Giant Beneath Italy

Campi Flegrei Seismic Activity: Interpreting Recent Geodynamics. Italy’s Campi Flegrei, also known as the Phlegraean Fields, has been a significant point of discussion in recent … Read more

Allegro non troppo

Allegro Non Troppo: Chosen by the Short Films & Animation Branch

Allegro Non Troppo, Handpicked by the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch. Experience Bruno Bozzetto‘s Allegro Non Troppo, a tribute to Disney’s Fantasia. Showcasing six … Read more

Italy's Shrinking Population and Its Economic Impact

Italy’s Shrinking Population and Its Economic Impact: A Troubling Trend for the Nation’s Future

Addressing Italy’s Demographic Crisis: Boosting Birth Rates and Immigration. Italy, a country with a rich history and vibrant culture, has experienced a population decline in … Read more