Languages of Italy

The Languages of Italy: Historical Roots and Modern Usage

Italy’s Linguistic Heritage A Comprehensive Guide The languages of Italy form one of the richest and most varied linguistic heritages within the European landscape. Excluding … Read more

Fascism and Homophobia: The San Domino Camp for Exiled Homosexuals

Fascism and Homophobia: The San Domino Camp for Exiled Homosexuals

San Donato‚Äôs Hidden History: The Exile of Homosexuals under Mussolini Between 1936 and 1940, during Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime, about 300 homosexual men were deported … Read more

Monterozzi Necropolis, Tomb of the Triclinium

From Tombs to Terracotta: The Evolution of Etruscan Painting

A Detailed Look at Etruscan Art from Orientalizing to Hellenistic Periods Etruscan painting is one of the most significant artistic manifestations of the Etruscan civilization. … Read more

Witchcraft Scene, PAINTING, Salvatore Rosa (1615-1673)

Italian Witchcraft Through the Ages: From Ancient Rites to Modern Stregheria

The Ancient Roots of Italian Witchcraft, Tracing the Evolution of Stregheria Italian witchcraft, known as “stregheria,” traces its roots to the ancient pagan practices that … Read more


30+ Roman Architectural Wonders Around Europe, Africa & Middle East

Monumental Structures that Embody the Essence of Roman Architectural Brilliance. Roman architectural endeavors, across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, marked by an impressive … Read more


The Most Controversial Popes in Catholic History

Scandals, Power, and Reform. Throughout history, the papacy has witnessed a spectrum of pontiffs, with some revered for their holiness and others notorious for their … Read more


The Futuristic Edge of Filippo Romoli’s Italian Art Deco

Art Deco with a Futurist Touch Filippo Romoli (1901-1969) was a prominent Italian illustrator and poster artist of the 20th century known for his distinctive … Read more

Top 20 Archaeological Sites in Italy

20 Fascinating Archaeological Sites in Italy

Exploring Centuries of Archaeological Marvels: A Tour of Italy’s Historical Treasures. Italy, a country deeply rooted in history, is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders … Read more

In the Footsteps of Maes Titianus

Maes Titianus: A Roman Merchant’s Tale on the Silk Road

In the Footsteps of Maes Titianus: A Roman Merchant’s Tale on the Silk Road. Maes Titianus’s rare account is the only one that describes the … Read more

Catacombs of Domitilla

The Roman Underworld: Catacombs, the Cloaca Maxima and hidden routes

Tunnels and Passages: The Hidden Routes of Roman Engineering. The Roman underworld include various underground structures such as catacombs, underground passages, and sewers, notably the … Read more

When Fascists Dictated Pronouns

Names, Words, and Pronouns: Italianization Under Fascist Rule

Italianization and Linguistic Policies during Fascist Italy. Caption of the cartoon in the featured image: Here Lies the LEI, whose delicate constitution could not withstand … Read more