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Fascist Propaganda in Advertising Communication in Italy

30+ Unsettling Posters of the Italian Fascist Propaganda

Fascist Propaganda Posters The Italian fascist regime soon understood the importance of communication and propaganda. The Fascist government made extensive use of propaganda to “inspire” the nation to unity. In the early years, the main propaganda organs were Il Popolo d’Italia, a newspaper founded by Benito Mussolini in 1914. In these years, the main political…

Facts, Images & History of the Appian Way

Facts, Images & History of the Appian Way

The Appian Way is one of the earliest and most important Roman roads of the ancient republic that changed the culture of Ancient Rome. The Appian Way (Via Appia) is an ancient and strategically important Roman road. It connected Rome to Brindisium (Brindisi), in the southeast of Italy, and it was built between the late…

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