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Weird Italy valley-of-the-temples-title-2 Cover Page

The Valley of the Temples in Sicily, Facts, History & Pictures

The Valley of the Temples, Agrigento, Italy The Valley of the Temples is an archaeological site in Agrigento (ancient Greek Akragas), Sicily.  The Valley of the Temples is one of the most notable examples of Greater Greece art and architecture, characterized by the extraordinary state of preservation and important Doric temples. Since 1997 the whole…

Weird Italy History-Images-of-the-Roman-Theatre-in-Aosta Cover Page

History & Images of the Roman Theatre in Aosta, Italy

Roman Theatre, Aosta The Roman Theatre in Aosta is an ancient building built a few decades after the foundation of the Aosta, in 25 BC as testified by the presence of pre-existing structures in the area. The amphitheater dates back to the time of Emperor Claudius. The Roman Theatre in Aosta is one of the…

Weird Italy Napoleon-on-Elba-an-early-19th-century-painting-of-the-French-dictator-in-exile Cover Page

The Exile of Napoleon at Isola d’Elba

After the Treaty of Fontainebleau, Napoleon was exiled to Elba, an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea 10 kilometers from the coast of Tuscany. Elba is the third-largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. On May 4, 1814, he docked on the island of Elba, where the enemy had decided to exile him while recognizing…

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