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Weird Italy is a lifestyle weblog dedicated to delivering a comprehensive guide to all facets of Italian life. We delve into the heart of Italy’s unique culture, from the stunning landscapes and diverse regions to the people who bring them to life. Our content spans a wide range of topics, including captivating photography that captures Italy’s beauty, intriguing places that are off the beaten path, profiles of remarkable people who embody the Italian spirit, and the latest in Italian fashion trends. We also offer insights into Italian cinema and literature, providing a deeper understanding of Italy’s cultural output. Stay updated with our news section, where we cover current events and significant happenings across the country. With Weird Italy, you’ll discover much more than just the surface of Italy – we take you on a journey into the heart of this fascinating country

Latest Updates: Unveiling Italy’s Art, History, and Unheard Facts

Map Of Italy Famous Places

Map of unusual, esoteric, bizarre or simply incredible places in Italy

Italian Movies


Bambini in città

Bambini in città, directed by the Italian director Luigi Comencini, is a social documentary about ch…


Italian Castles

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