Castello Chiola-Caracciolo, Loreto Aprutino

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Chiola Castle is located on the hill on which Loreto Aprutino stands in the province of Pescara.

The oldest written accounts of the castle are from 864 AD and refer to a Longobard stronghold that was transformed into a Norman outpost in 1071. Later, the castle was owned by the D’Aquino family (from 1330 to 1571), who was flanked by the Caracciolo and D’Avalo (from 1449).

The Chiola family acquired ownership of the castle in 1843, and they lived there until 1995, overseeing its neo-fifteenth-century renovation. The castle serves as a hotel and meeting space today.

Castello Chiola-Caracciolo, Loreto Aprutino
Castello Chiola-Caracciolo, Loreto Aprutino (source)

A stone fence surrounds the castle and opens up onto its front, which has two neoclassical-style windows on either side of an arched gateway in the middle that is topped by a balcony.

The courtyard of the castle is currently covered by a glass and aluminum construction. Upon entering the castle, one finds a hallway that leads into the courtyard.

Featured image: wikipedia


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