Castello Mediceo, Bussi sul Tirino

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Last Updated on 2022/10/31

Mediceo Castle is a Middle Ages castle in Bussi sul Tirino, Pescara, Abruzzo.


The castle was most likely built in the 12th century by the d’Anjou dynasty and was related to the presence of the St. Benedict monks in Perillis who were in charge of the tiny church of St. Mary of Cartignano. Its structure initially resembled a Norman castle, but changes over the years brought forth by numerous owners gave it a different aspect. When the family was able to fully benefit from the fief of Bussi, the Cantelmo dukes of Popoli became the actual owners of the castle. The Pietropaoli counts of Navelli acquired ownership of the castle in the 1500s, and afterward, the de’ Medici dynasty.

The structure has a beautiful inner courtyard and a rectangle floor plan. The distinctive feature is the sizable rectangular keep with a corbel-adorned crenelated roof. The rest of the castle sides and the facade have many characteristics of an aristocratic palace. The interior displays the rooms and chambers in their original configuration, complete with period furnishings, many of which were added after the aforementioned disastrous events in the early 20th century.

Featured image: wikipedia


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