Castello De Sterlich-Aliprandi, Nocciano

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De Sterlich-Aliprandi Castle is a fortified palace in Nocciano, Pescara Abruzzo.

The Cigno, Pescara, and Nora valleys are all close to the stronghold. The polygonal keep, which eventually became part of the current structure, served as the castle’s initial nucleus and dates to the year 1000. The history of this place is linked to that of the De Sterlich-Aliprandi family, present in Nocciano from the 15th-16th centuries, which owned it until the mid-20th century and transformed its appearance from a defensive construction to a noble residence.

The castle has an irregular floor plan with a structure resembling a double “L.” The castle is accessed via a wide ramp leading to the main portal, surmounted by a round arch. Entering the castle one is confronted with a paved courtyard, open on one side to the garden.

Featured image: wikimedia


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