The Enigmatic Borges Maze in Venice

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The Borges Labyrinth is located on the enchanting island of San Giorgio in Venice and is a reconstruction of the labyrinth that the English diplomat and “labyrinthologist” Randoll Coate (1909-2005) designed in honor of the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.


Created by the Cini Foundation by the will of Maria Kodama, widow of Borges, the labyrinth inspired by the story of the Argentine writer “the Garden of the Forking Paths” opened to the public on 11 June 2021 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its creation, the 35 years since the death of Borges and the 70 years of the Giorgio Cini Foundation.

The labyrinth, created at the behest of the widow of Borges Maria Kodama, has so far only been accessible from above, from the terrace of the Centro Branca, from which it is possible to see a series of symbols that recall the works of Borges: a stick, mirrors, two hourglasses, a huge question mark, the tiger, the name Jorge Luis and the initials of Maria Kodama, with hedges arranged to form the name Borges.

Borges Memorial Maze

Randoll Coate was an English diplomat and labyrinth designer who met Borges in Argentina and who created an identical labyrinth in San Rafael (Laberinto de Borges) in 2003.

The Labyrinth is inspired by Borges’ short story “The Garden of Forking Paths” and it’s shaped like an open book. The design incorporates, in Braille, a quotation from the blind writer, that a book and a labyrinth are “one and the same”.

The meaning of the symbology of the Borges maze:

Borges symbology
Borges symbology
Borges symbology
Borges symbology
The years that Borges lived
Borges symbology
Maria Kodama
Borges symbology
Hourglasses symbolize infinite time
Borges symbology
The Infinity symbol
Borges symbology
The open book
Borges symbology
The Borges stick
Borges symbology
The question mark, symbol of perplexity, doubt, curiosity

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