Venetian Graffiti:  Inscriptions Reveal City’s Secrets, Interview with Alberto Toso Fei & Desi Marangon

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Italy’s Cinematic Landscape: Iconic Film Locations in Italy

In cinema, the locations depicted often play a significant role, acting as a silent character, contributing to the narrative, and affecting how the story unfolds. … Read more

"The Magnificent Seven" poster

“The Magnificent Seven” at the Venice Film Festival

Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and director Antoine Fuqua present the highly anticipated film “The Magnificent Seven” at the Venice Film Festival.

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Venice under water

Acqua Alta: Venice’s Seasonal High Tides and How They Impact Daily Life

The Ebb and Flow of Venice: Categories and Consequences of Acqua Alta. Acqua Alta, or “high water,” is a natural phenomenon characterized by extraordinarily high … Read more