I’m Not Scared

A little child inadvertently discovers a deep hole in the ground where another youngster is held captive. Gabriele Salvatores directed I’m Not Scared (Io non … Read more



Gabriele Salvatores directed the 1997 Italian cyberpunk science fiction film Nirvana. Christopher Lambert, Diego Abatantuono, and Sergio Rubini feature in the film. After a viral … Read more


Life is Beautiful

When an open-minded Jewish waiter and his kid become Holocaust victims, he employs a perfect combination of determination, humor, and creativity to defend his son … Read more


Festa di laurea

The adorable attempts of a divorced, modest baker to entice a bourgeois society woman. Festa di laurea, also known as Graduation Party in the United … Read more


Regalo di Natale

On Christmas Eve, a group of long-lost pals reunites with the intention of robbing a wealthy industrialist in a game of poker. Old hatreds and … Read more



An adolescent lad discovering himself in the middle of conflict falls in love with Malèna, a sensuous woman living in a tiny, narrow-minded Italian village. … Read more


Everybody’s Fine

Matteo chooses to travel across Italy to see his five children. Everybody’s Fine (Italian: Stanno tutti bene) is a 1990 Italian drama film directed by … Read more


Cinema Paradiso

A director recounts his boyhood, when he fell in love with movies at his hometown’s theater and formed a great bond with the projectionist. Giuseppe … Read more


Scent of a Woman

A teenage private is tasked with escorting a blind captain. It quickly becomes evident that they both have complicated personalities. Scent of a Woman (Italian: … Read more

In nome del popolo italiano

In nome del popolo italiano

A court looks into the death of a young woman, which appears to be a homicide. He suspects a well-known industry mogul with significant political … Read more

Bread, Love and Dreams

Bread, Love and Dreams

When a veteran marshal is assigned to a tiny town, he falls in love with two women: a midwife and an earthy young lady dubbed … Read more


Marriage Italian Style

Marriage Italian Style is a 1964 Italian film directed by Vittorio De Sica and starring Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, and Vito Moricone. Leonardo Benvenuti, Renato … Read more


Arabian Nights

A lovely slave girl selects a young man to be her new owner in ancient Arabia, but she is stolen and they must hunt for … Read more

The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

Pasolini’s beautiful, violent, and always a vivid cinematic depiction of some of Chaucer’s most sexual stories. The Canterbury Tales (I racconti di Canterbury) is a … Read more