Castello di Nus, Aosta Valley

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Nus Castle, sometimes called Castello delle Piane, is a medieval castle in Nus, Aosta Valley.


Although the building date of the castle cannot be determined with absolute accuracy, the shape and age of the stones suggest that it was most likely built before the 13th century. Because the castle of Nus is mentioned in a document dated October 22, 1287, in which Guillaume, the lord of Nus, is enfeoffed of it by the Count of Savoy, we can be certain that it existed at the end of the 13th century.

The castle underwent further modifications in later centuries, eventually taking on its current appearance between the 14th and 15th centuries, in addition to the most recent and extensive restoration work, which was required after a fire broke out in 1595 (as indicated by the date engraved on the lintel at the entrance to the main courtyard). These construction projects made it possible to attach a circular keep to the castle’s main structure.

The castle was abandoned in the 19th century after the Nus lords’ family perished, and it wasn’t until recently that the municipal government took it back.

The southern side of the castle in 1905: some architectural elements have collapsed today (source)

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