Ripple Coin Price Prediction For December 2022

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Ripple is a company offering tools for speedy, secure and cheap currency transfers globally and orienting on the real sector economy, financial institutions and businesses worldwide. XRP is quite a popular crypto asset in all crypto rankings. As of late November 2022, the Ripple crypto price is $0,37.

Around 200 financial establishments use the Ripple platform to make their money transfers fast, cheap and secure. Ripple is a centralized platform that has a list of nodes confirming transfers. There are now around 35 validators. The network picks a validator and makes a new validation node. When a new transfer comes, a validator checks the ledger and finds matches and mismatched with other ledgers. In such a way, transactions are checked much faster, making the Ripple network an ideal pick for different financial establishments and banks worldwide. 

However, the project can’t develop fully because of legal proceedings between the Ripple Labs company and the SEC, which demands the company to claim their XRP token is a security. It is why the XRP price has not shown significant growth over the last few years. Still, XRP is one of the most traded crypto coins with a market capitalization of over $18 billion. XRP to USDT is one of the most traded pairs on the market. You will find this asset on these popular platforms:

  1. WhiteBIT
  2. Binance
  3. Coinbase

Price Forecast for XRP

Over the last month, the XRP price demonstrated a decline from around $0,5 to today’s value. The reason is another market hit occurred at the beginning of November when the FTX exchange revealed its financial difficulties and lost the trust of its clients. As a result, investors started to withdraw their assets from the exchange massively, which caused a huge drop in the whole market. Based on past XRP price fluctuations, experts predict the maximum Ripple coin price of $0.42 by the end of this year. 

Ripple is still an attractive investment option, for when the platform resolves its issues with the SEC, it has a big chance for a bright future. We recommend using the WhiteBIT exchange for it next suits beginner traders and offers high liquidity and low fees. Ripple XRP USDT is one of the top traded pairs on WhiteBIT.

Featured image source: unsplash


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