Spezia Calcio wear special jerseys to raise awareness and funds for campaign against gender violence

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Spezia Calcio players wore special jerseys in Sunday’s Serie A match against Bologna to raise awareness and funds for a campaign against gender violence. The social responsibility campaign has been created by the Serie A club and Differenza Donna, an NGO that operates nationally and internationally against male violence against women.

The Serie A club joined Differenza Donna’s fight against gender-based violence by launching the #WeForShe campaign. The wording was chosen to emphasize that only by coming together people can make a real difference and help the victims of violence.

The hashtag was printed on the front of players’ shirts for the Spezia – Bologna Serie A match at the Stadio Alberto Picco. These unique shirts will be auctioned on the “Charity Stars” platform with all proceeds heading to Differenza Donna.

Spezia Calcio also hosted young Afghan refugee Rahel Saya for this match to raise awareness of the plight of many women who don’t have equal rights. Rahel is a young girl who escaped from Afghanistan in August and dreams of becoming a journalist, so Spezia Calcio welcomed her to their communications team for the day and gave her the opportunity to watch the game in the press box and interview players. She also met with club president Philip Platek and his wife on the pitch before the game started.

Luca Scafati, Spezia’s Chief Revenue Officer said, “Today’s match presented us with a great opportunity to position ourselves against gender violence. We wanted to launch the #WeForShe campaign alongside the Differenza Donna NGO to raise awareness and funds to fight against this terrible scourge that is violence against women. We were also delighted to host Rahel and offer her the opportunity to be an honorary journalist at this game. She faced great dangers in Afghanistan and now in Italy hopefully she can have more opportunities to follow her dreams.

Rahel said, “I would like to thank Spezia Calcio for organising this day and for giving me the opportunity to have this experience on the field, giving voice to women on this important occasion. I would also like to thank the NGO Differenza Donna. As a woman I really appreciate their projects and efforts to protect all of us.”

These activations by Spezia Calcio were organised to mark the international day for the elimination of violence against women which was celebrated on November 25.

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