Ferrari Making the Right Moves to Put the Italian Car Maker on Top

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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that saw a ban on physical gatherings, most Grand Prix F1 events had to be done without fans.

Thankfully through combined efforts by different stakeholders in the global health sector, numerous ways of reducing the spread of the virus have been invented. With the proper masking protocols observed and massive vaccination, Italy was among the first countries to announce the resumption of fans in the circuits to watch their favorite F1 athletes compete in the Grand Prix.

Ferrari has been a household name in matters of motor racing right from 1950. It has continued to produce its engines and other companies’ engines until a change in regulation in 2014 led to a halt. The Italian carmaker has continued to make significant progress in the motor racing world.

However, in recent years, we haven’t seen Ferrari being on the top, due to many reasons. Top of the reasons is the ban of their new engine, which was thought to have broken the set rules and regulations—in the future, though, we expect to see Ferrari clinching titles just as they have done before. Here are some of the moves that Ferrari is undertaking to ensure it moves to the top.

There’s a New Power Unit Expected to Be Launched Soon

The renowned Italian supercar maker Ferrari has been on a long innovative journey to develop hybrid turbo power units. All the necessary plans were underway with Scuderia already having done all the required adjustments to the engine, only for it to have a terrible failure in the 2019-2020 winter after a set of new technical directives were issued to all teams.

Ferrari knew that the engine was not up to the task after analyzing the dyno readings compared to other opponents in the 2020 season. They realized that the engine released less power than their significant competitors Mercedes and minor competitors like Honda and Renault. This was just not a suitable investment considering the long-term preeminence in Formula One. Gamblers also love F1 and a discovery like this will lower the chances Ferrari has to get back to its dominant days of winning F1 titles. With only four races remaining make sure to check out the best sports picks if you’re considering getting in on the action.

It is rumored that Scuderia’s engineers have put the 2020 unit away and embarked on a new project to develop a better engine for the coming campaign. Speaking during a presser, Binnoto stated that the numbers on the dyno are auspicious. He also said we should wait and see how the engine performs in the SF21 in Bahrain, where a three-day preseason testing has been arranged.

Charles Leclerc is Gradually Improving from Strength to Strength

The renowned Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc did not have the best performance in 2020 as he failed to break the 100-point barrier. It was a disappointing performance for Ferrari, seeing two wins and eight podiums in the previous year. 2019 saw Ferrari lead a total seven poles tally. Though the statistics were not as pleasing, the 23-year-old showed a campaign like none he had in F1. Leclerc was faced with the significant challenge of having to drive a car that lacked pace. However, he overcame the hindrances by driving the SF1000 and swiftly dispatching his fellow teammate Sebastian Vettel, a four-time world champion.

Binnoto celebrated Leclerc, terming him a mature leader who has made everyone happy in the Ferrari fraternity, including teammates, engineers, and fans. Even though it wasn’t the best performance, it was one of the most exemplary from a driver with three years of experience in F1 racing. Leclerc is expected to perform even better this year thanks to increased team standing and a lengthy-term deal, which shows Ferrari’s faith in him. With the arrival of Carlos Sainz, Leclerc is expected to stamp his authority by becoming the best version of himself.

Ferrari Making the Right Moves to Put the Italian Car Maker on Top

New Talent Looks Promising Than Any in Ferraris History

Everyone has admired the Red Bulls Junior Program for a long time, giving birth to talents like Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Daniel Riccardo. This is about to change, thanks to the Ferrari lineup.

Leclerc is among the notable young talents in the Ferrari team. The 23-year-old has won both F2 and F3 in his initial attempt impressing the Ferrari management. Mick Schumacher, who drives for Haas, a customer team for Ferrari, also won the F2 2019 campaign. Callum Lott, a test driver for Scuderia, is also a promising driver for the Ferrari team, evidenced by his second-place finish in the 2019 F2 campaign. Robert Schwartzman is also a worthy driver in the Ferrari Driver Academy pool, evidenced by his exemplary performance in the rookie F2 campaign.

With the discussed developments, the Italian carmaker could go back to its top position. We can only wait and see how these developments will shape the car maker’s future.


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