Italian Footballers: The Best Dressed

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Professional footballers are some of the world’s wealthiest athletes, but money cannot always buy style. Youwager can provide gamblers with highly-priced odds and winning tickets, but who supplies the Italian professional footballers with style and class? Let us take a look into the fashion icons of Italian football and why the Squadra Azzura, in particular, have always shined with their unique sense of fashion.

Milan, most known for being the capital fashion of the world, is widely known for its high quality of clothes, shoes, and bags. The most lucrative clothing brands globally, such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace, all have one thing in common – they’re Italian. Italian natives can often be found stealing the centre of attention in fashion due to their sleek and well-fitted style. Some of the best examples of these fashion styles and lifestyles are the football players in Italy.

Gianluigi Buffon

One of the most legendary goalkeepers in football history, former Italy and Juventus superstar Gianluigi Buffon is still preventing goals at the age of 42. His departure from Juventus came as no surprise, but nothing stops him from performing because Parma acquired his services.

Alongside his impressive trophy cabinet, which consists of the UEFA Cup, Coppa Italia, 10 Serie A titles, and the prestigious World Cup, “Gigi” is the owner of a championship wardrobe.

Buffon can be found styling his Italian leather bracelets, a particular trademark of all the stylish “Ragazzo’s.”

When it comes down to formal attire, Gigi knows precisely how to set the tone. Slick-back hair, an old-school jet-black bowtie, and a classic suit – without forgetting some expensive footwear to finish the outfit.

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo may have retired as a professional player in 2017, but the former AC Milan, Juventus, and New York City star left his mark on the game. Pirlo was renowned for his free-kick ability, ball control, vision, and creativity. As one of the greatest playmakers in Italian football history, his imagination transitioned off the pitch too.

His move to America towards the end of his professional career was proof that players are trendsetting fashion icons outside the football grounds. The midfielder flexed short chinos with Italian shoes just perfectly with a jacket or blazer.

Of course, the footballing uniform was kept in line, and a casual and sporty look is also made to look effortlessly stylish.

Roberto Mancini

We cannot give all the fashion credit to players on the pitch because Roberto Mancini has embarrassed the cliché manager boasting their tracksuits or official club jackets.

Funnily enough, a research study took place and revealed that tracksuit-wearing managers have narrowly beaten teams run by men in suits. But the Armani blazer worn by Mancini for the European Championship final soon shut that down.

Style and flair aren’t two words you usually associate with the modern football manager but watching Mancini in a powder blue-grey blazer slung casually and thoroughly unnecessarily (in the most stylish way possible) over his shoulder is something to behold.

italian-footballers roberto mancini
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Italian Euro Championship Squad 2016

It’s difficult to single out Italian players with style because many of them do. The preferred choice of clothes and shoes can regularly take credit from the handbook of Italian fashion.

For example, the international squad who participated in the 2016 Euros proved once again that Italian fashion is always on-point. Before the game, they circled the pitch dressed in blue shirts, jeans, and white trainers. Their attire fascinated journalists who praised the squad for looking sharp as always.

Euro 2020 Winners, Do It in Style

An honourable mention has been given to this year’s European Championship winning squad, who were officially dressed by Giorgio Armani. Taken from the Emporio Armani collection, the entire team and Roberto Mancini were styling a complete suit consisting of a light blue and white jacket with a mandarin collar, made of seersucker (embossed Indian cotton fabric), and black trousers. Armani designed a unique piece for the team, inspired by an authentic Italian style.

Perfect tailoring from an extended support Inter Milan fan (Mr Armani) was entirely fitting for a national team who lifted the competition trophy and who’s well recognised for their fashion sense.

Italians have long been ahead of the rest when it comes to tailoring and style.

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