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There are a lot of industries seeking benefits from CNC prototype machining for precision machined components.

 It improves stock management, reduces development time, cost efficient, improves productivity and increase in profit.

What is CNC rapid prototype machining?

CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control” machines. In rapid prototype CNC machining we produce complex parts for any application, rapidly, and with very high levels of accuracy.

Computerized design process converts easily into physical products with in no time. All of the parts need same operations, tools and accurate computer positioning which means that every finished part is similar to each other.

3-axis machine is designed to work in 3-axis of planes X, Y, and Z and by adding rotary motion to two of these axis the 5-axis machine is developed which improves capability and accuracy. It allows more sophisticated components to be created with incredible precision and accuracy,by reducing machine setting time, and higher process efficiency. It eliminates the potential for errors when forming long, slender parts with complex geometries.

CNC rapid prototyping benefits to different industries:

All kinds of businesses need high quality, precisely machined parts. Countless industries are using CNC rapid prototype machining for their material fabrication needs, including:

Aerospace: High precision is needed especially in aircraft travel parts, such as an aircraft turbine engine. Tolerances within the order of “±0.0001” are required to ensure the compliance and safety of extremely critical aeronautical parts for humans and goods reliability and safety.

Most components are made with aluminum, for its strength to weight ratio, CNC prototype machining provides the ideal solution for creating any part with the help of 5-axis CNC machine.

Communication industry: Communication companies rely on high-quality parts in equipment design. Poor product quality will lead to equipment failure, poor video transmission quality, call interruption, and power failure of satellite broadcasting. CNC machining is one of the best methods to ensure the accurate manufacturing of telecommunication equipment. CNC technology allows the design and production of complex parts. Communication equipment manufactured by CNC must be kept up to date to adapt latest and future technologies.

Medical industry: CNC prototyping plays a vital role in medical field for producing complex parts of latest technology. CNC machines are able to process the necessary specialized materials and provide a completed final product, with no requirement for further processing.

When new products are developed, the fast prototyping capability allowed by CNC machining reduces time to market through low volume production.

The most common use of CNC rapid prototyping in medical field is dental implants. It needs machining to be just exactly the right shape. CNC machining puts just the right point, angle or bend on the instruments, as well as the texture on the handle that helps the professionals tokeep their grip.

Military and Defense: A lot of CNC milling machines have been used to create the type of precision parts that are used by the military corps in battlefield. A wide range of defense applications, from communication equipment to tank parts, can be produced by CNC machining. In this industry there is no room for error; tolerances and machine tools must be monitored for wear.

Automotive industry: Most of the equipments used in the automotive industry are being produced by CNC prototype machining. This technology is also used to manufacture parts for motorcycles, spare parts for engines, and much more. The application of CNC machine tool in automobile field is called CNC automobile.

Several important parts of automobile can be produced such as; engine cylinder, by using CNC automobile prototyping technology. In it a large aluminum workpiece is converted into engine cylinder, in which the piston travels up and down at high speed producing high temperature.

Electronics industry: Electronic components include housing, test fixture, test socket, adapter, radiator and various metal and plastic parts are manufactured with the help of CNC prototype machining. Prototype development in electronics can be divided into two segments;

▪ Plastic case, metal case segment
▪ Electronics segment

There are a lot of electronic components included in many appliances and gadgets that have created using CNC rapid prototype machining services. It includes smart phone parts, automotive parts, HDTV components, and much more. The products can be rapidly put into production after the prototyping and testing process is completed.

Manufacturing industry: CNC machining is necessary for almost all of the manufacturing industries to produce levers, plates, and panels of big and small size that keep the production facility running smoothly.

What are CNC rapid prototype machining benefits to the customers?

CNC rapid prototype machining is considered as the back bone of any manufacturing industry, it benefits their customers in several ways;
▪ It reduces development, setup and production times which mean that the raw material is converted into the final product more quickly and efficiently.
▪ It improves inventory management and reduces stock and energy costs.  
▪ Shorter lead time when working on 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines.
▪ High quality, reliable, and identical products are produced especially where quality and accuracy is the main concern.
▪ Rapid prototyping speed up the design and development processes. 


WayKen as one of the best prototype manufacturers in China, offering rapid CNC machining services for the global customers are from different industry backgrounds including aerospace, medical, communication, automotive, military, consumer electronics, manufacturing and so on.If you want to know more them, please don’t be hesitate contact with them.


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