Rio Carlino

Weird Italy The-belltower-of-the-church-of-Curon-Venosta-Graun-im-Vinschgau-submerged-by-the-water-of-the-Lake-of-Resia Surreal Places: The Half-Submerged Belltower of Curon Featured Italian History Magazine What to see in Italy  Val Venosta trentino alto adige submerged ghost town semi submerged bell Rio Carlino Mittersee lake resia Josef Duile Curon Graun Curon Venosta curon bell tower of curon bell tower

Surreal Places: The Half-Submerged Belltower of Curon

The submerged Belltower of Curon The pleasant village of Graun, in Italian Curon Venosta, is located in the heart of the tourist region Val Venosta, … Read more

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