Dario Argento, Adriano Celentano and Enzo Cerusico

Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano: Italy’s Rock and Roll Pioneer and Cultural Icon Adriano Celentano, born on January 6, 1938, in Milan, is a renowned Italian singer-songwriter, showman, … Read more

I clowns by Federico Fellini

I clowns

I Clowns: A 1970 Mockumentary by Federico Fellini “I Clowns” is a pseudo-documentary film directed in 1970 by the acclaimed Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. Blending … Read more

Oh, Serafina, Renato Pozzetto

Renato Pozzetto

Renato Pozzetto’s Artistic Journey: From Milan’s Cabaret Scene to Iconic Status in Italian Comedy and Cinema. Renato Pozzetto, born in Milan on July 14, 1940, … Read more


Laura Antonelli

Laura Antonelli: Iconic 70s Actress and Her Turbulent Journey Laura Antonelli, born Laura Antonaz in Pola on November 28, 1941, and passing away in Ladispoli … Read more

Tutti a casa (Everybody Go Home)

Tutti a casa (Everybody Go Home)

Luigi Comencini’s 1960 Masterpiece: Understanding Everybody Go Home “Everybody Go Home” (Tutti a casa) is a 1960 film directed by Luigi Comencini, written by the … Read more


Proibito rubare (Guaglio)

1948’s Neapolitan Drama: A Closer Look at Proibito rubare. “Proibito rubare” (Forbidden to Steal) is a 1948 film directed by Luigi Comencini. The movie serves … Read more



The Artistic and Cultural Dimensions of Caligula by Tinto Brass. “Caligula,” also re-released in Italy under the title “Io, Caligola,” is a 1979 historical pornographic … Read more


Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust: One of the Most Controversial Horror Movies Ever Made. Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 Italian film directed by Ruggero Deodato. The film is … Read more

Ruggero Deodato and Eli Roth

Ruggero Deodato

The Cinematic Impact of Ruggero Deodato: Master of Italian Horror. Ruggero Deodato was born on May 7, 1939, in Potenza, Italy and passed away on … Read more