How to Add Background Image to Your HTML Email

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Modern companies use email marketing to maintain customer interest while promoting products and services, providing updates on company news/events, encouraging interaction through feedback forms, and building brand loyalty through personalized and targeted communication. Thoughtful design is a crucial element for a successful email campaign as it distinguishes the message from others in the recipient’s inbox.

With professional email templates HTML, you can effortlessly generate and send top-notch emails adhering to all standards and requirements. Pre-designed templates with appealing designs and interactive elements like buttons and links will boost your message’s effectiveness. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this unique solution!

Did you know that using a background can add uniqueness and style to your emails? This simple tip will make your HTML email attractive, setting it apart from the rest and leaving a positive impact on the recipient. Let’s consider the benefits of a background image in HTML email, best practices for choosing the right one, and methods for incorporating visuals into emails to ensure proper display.

Benefits of Using Background Image HTML Email

Adding a background image to an HTML email provides the following benefits:

  • attracts the recipient’s attention (using a background image in an HTML email can make it more noticeable and attractive);
  • helps support the brand (a background image featuring a logo or corporate design can strengthen brand awareness and give the email a more professional look);
  • creates atmosphere and mood (the background image usually creates a specific ambiance or feeling, ultimately improving how the reader interprets the message);
  • adds aesthetics (adding a background image in an email enhances its beauty and aesthetics, thus increasing its value and catching the recipient’s eye);
  • improves uniqueness (incorporating a background image in your HTML emails makes them more distinctive and memorable).

Thus, an HTML email background image is an effective way to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your messages. It will help you create a cohesive and professional design for your email campaigns.

Best Practices for Choosing the Right Background Image

Choosing the right background image for HTML emails is a crucial part of successful email marketing through HTML emails. Several practices described below will help you cope with the task successfully.

Compatibility with Email Topic and Purpose

The primary consideration when choosing a background image is how it relates to your email topic and purpose. For instance, when demonstrating a product or service, it’s advisable to select an image that reflects the essence and benefits of your offering.

Quality and Resolution

Another important aspect to consider is quality and resolution. Remember that a high-quality, high-resolution image will look best on all devices and screens, greatly enhancing the professionalism of your writing. Also, make sure the image is properly sized and scaled to fit your email design. This will prevent any distortion.


Select an appropriate color palette that does not hinder text readability or divert the recipient’s focus from the primary message. Try to opt for images with neutral or muted colors.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Add Background Image to Your HTML Email

Please follow these steps to add a background image in email:

  1. Start by writing your HTML email using any text editor.
  2. Add a <style> tag to your HTML code.
  3. Inside the <style> tag, add CSS code to set the background image.
  4. Save your HTML file.
  5. Open your email client and select the option to create a new email.
  6. Paste an HTML code into the email content.
  7. Ensure the background image is correctly displayed by testing the email across various email clients and devices.
  8. Send an email and take advantage of a lucrative marketing campaign.

Troubleshooting Tips for Ensuring the Background Image Displays Correctly

To avoid any problems with displaying the background image in an HTML email, first check the format (PNG, JPEG, or GIF). The image file size should stay within the acceptable limits for sending via email.

Correctly specify the path to the image in the HTML code. Check whether the image URL is absolute or relative to the main directory. The browser will display the background image properly only if there are no errors in the file path.

Finally, test the HTML email on different devices and email clients to ensure the background image displays optimally on all platforms.


Incorporating a background image into an HTML email can greatly improve the visual appeal of the message and boost its overall attractiveness. However, try to use this element appropriately to prevent slow loading times and avoid disrupting text readability. Follow the simple instructions outlined in this article, and you will definitely succeed!

Featured image: Unsplash

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