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Italian food might be the best overall food for every occasion, even if it’s just the slightly odd American take on traditional Italian dishes. The rich meat, cheese, bread, and tomato flavors complement most scenarios – especially sessions playing on online poker sites for US players. But which meals are the best if you’re playing with friends? And which are best consumed when playing alone?

Pizza is perfect for solitary online poker nights.

Who doesn’t like pizza? Cheesy bread with a combination of different toppings. It’s literally for everyone; there are gluten-free bases and lactose-free cheese for those with dietary restrictions. It, however, has to be a messy food, as it is often eaten with one’s hands. Do you want to get your pizza grease on your friends’ cards? No, that’s a bad idea. Pizza is better for when you intend to play by yourself. One of the additional benefits of pizza comes when you consider how long a session can be on the top 10 online poker sites for us players – You could be there for hours, so it’s ideal to have a snack which is amazing when it’s hot and fresh, but still delicious a few hours later when you’re ready for a bit more!

Spaghetti Bolognese is great poker fuel.

Before playing poker, you want to ensure that you are sufficiently fed. Hunger can lead to poor cognitive ability and even poor decisions at the table. To prevent this, eating a decent meal with substantial nutritional input is essential. Spaghetti Bolognese, a recipe originating from Imola, Italy, has the potential to do just that with a good balance of carbs from the spaghetti, protein from the meat, and multiple vegetables making up the ragu. This meal can be a saucy number, so ensure you haven’t dripped any before heading to the casino!

Antipasto for poker grazing

If you’re hosting a long poker night for some friends, one of the best Italian foods available is antipasto. This traditional board serving is a collection of Italian cheeses and meats with bread. This allows your fellow players to pick and choose what to eat when they want. Of course, it’s not a main meal but will get you through a few games. If you have a particularly wet meat, be sure to provide hand wipes so that meat juices aren’t imprinted on your playing cards! Or just save the entire antipasto board for yourself and have it when you’re playing online!

Arancini is a great mid-session snack.

While many people think that rice is more commonly associated with Asian cuisine, the Italians use a lot of it, too. Arancini is a breaded rice ball, typical to Sicily, which makes for a tremendous mid-session poker snack. While the balls vary in size and filling, most can be devoured within two to three bites as there are a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of slow-release energy consumed. If you’ve got a heavy filling in the arancini, like a meaty ragu, it might be an idea to step out of sight from your fellow players as the filling could spill when you bite into it!

Sfogliatella for a crispy, sweet crunch

Campania has a rich history of making exceptional pastry products. Sfogliatella is potentially the most famous Italian pastry, with distinct flavors like citron, orange ricotta, and almond pasta. This is particularly poker-friendly because it is hand-sized, meaning that poker players can quickly consume this layered treat. If eating around others, have a napkin to hand as it can be a little flakey, and bits of the pastry can fall off when bitten.

Italian Espresso

While technically a drink and not a food, Italian espresso is valuable for those wanting to play poker. Caffeine can help concentration and increase alertness. Choosing some fine-crafted Italian beans (freshly imported to Trieste) will be both delicious and stimulating. If your poker game reaches a lull with more people folding than playing, why not wake everyone with a round of espressos?

Does Poker need more Arrosticini?

One of the lesser-known Italian cuisines is Arrosticini. This street food delicacy is found in places like Abruzzo and Molise in southern Italy. It is skewered lamb pieces served on a stick. These are perfect for mid-game snacks, as they can be served with little hassle and no utensils. The following poker night you go to should have them!

Gelato for an after-poker treat

Who doesn’t like ice cream? It’s a lot like pizza because it has a near-universal appeal. Gelato is Italian ice cream and is widely appreciated for being a heavenly sweet dessert. After a long poker session, you might want a little treat, and gelato can be on hand to serve up, whether just for you or your party members.

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