Explore Italy Through These TV Shows Before Embarking on Your Journey

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When planning a trip to Italy, you have numerous sources of information to explore. Will you visit your local library or bookstore to gather guidebooks? Or perhaps you prefer saving eye-catching posts on Instagram. There are also blog posts to read and podcasts to listen to. Now, you can even turn to your TV streaming services for Italy inspiration. Sit back and indulge in some binge-watching as we offer a curated selection of movies and TV shows to inspire your Italian adventure.

Top Shows About Italy

#1 The White Lotus

HBO’s release of season one of The White Lotus in 2021 garnered tremendous success. This captivating drama unfolds in the eponymous hotel located in Maui, where the unsettling demise of one character takes place. As an anthology series, season two unfolds in a different White Lotus hotel, boasting a fresh ensemble cast, situated in Taormina, Sicily.

Undoubtedly, it stands as one of the most renowned television shows set in Italy in recent times. The best part is, prior knowledge of the first season isn’t a prerequisite to comprehend and enjoy this installment, though watching both seasons is highly recommended, given their incredible storytelling.

Season two will undoubtedly fuel your desire to experience a luxurious five-star hotel until you come across the room rates, of course. Thankfully, Sicily offers a plethora of delightful agriturismos and villas that you can readily book as alternatives.

#2 Travel Man: 48 Hours In

One of my all-time favorite travel shows is Travel Man, not only one of the best Italy travel shows. Richard Ayoade presented the show until 2015, and since then, Joe Lycett has taken over. Travel Man usually focuses on easy weekend city break destinations from the UK.

The presenter accompanies a famous guest, typically a comedian or comic actor, and together, they have a delightful time exploring a weekend break destination. So far, the show has featured numerous major Italian cities that have direct flights from the UK. There are still Palermo, Catania, Turin, Verona, Genoa, Palermo, Bari, and Bologna, among others, yet to be covered. This means we might see more Italian content in the future!

All episodes of Travel Man are available to watch for free on Channel 4 in the UK, and some series are also accessible on Netflix for international viewers. If you want to watch all the shows in Italy, you just need a VPN for Fire TV. We have Fire TV VPN compatibility in mind – VeePN. While using its VPN apps on any device, there were no comments. It works stably and easily unblocks streaming services and this is enough for most users.

#3 Black Moon

During the 17th century in Italy, a group of women found themselves under suspicion of witchcraft and became the target of a relentless hunt. If you have an interest in the topic of witch hunts, “Luna Nera” is a series that should be definitely on your watch list. It revolves around Ade, a teenager, and her family of witches who face injustice and tragedy, much like the countless women accused of witchcraft in medieval times. However, this series stands apart as they fight back against their oppressors, with some unexpected assistance from the son of the very man leading the witch hunt. Prepare to be captivated by the emotional storyline and thought-provoking themes of this series, which may also leave you reflecting on the injustice of the past.

#4 Francesco’s Italy: Top to Toe

This TV show is exceptionally valuable if you’re unsure about your Italian itinerary. It covers the entire country! Watching this Italy TV program taught me numerous fascinating things, including insights about the Fiat car, the British Aristocracy’s history in Tuscany, and the poverty in Sicily. Additionally, there’s even a cameo appearance by British actress Dame Maggie Smith!

Though it’s no longer available on BBC iPlayer, you can still watch all four episodes for free VPN on YouTube. With a VPN you will not be able to watch YouTube TV not only in the USA but also in other countries of the world.

#5 Vendetta

In this gripping documentary about true crime, two prominent members of Sicily’s anti-Mafia coalition find themselves in conflict. Investigative journalist Pino Maniaci, renowned for hosting a show that exposes the Mafia, openly accuses Judge Silvana Saguto of corruption. However, the situation takes a surprising turn when allegations suggest that Maniaci himself may be extorting local officials. With accusations flying back and forth, the truth becomes unclear. This show provides a challenging yet insightful exploration of crime, politics, and the Mafia, offering a unique glimpse behind the scenes that diverges from the glamor portrayed in Hollywood movies. Moreover, viewers will expand their vocabulary in crime-related matters and gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

#6 From Scratch

This limited series, released towards the end of 2022, didn’t receive the recognition it truly deserves. It stands out among the best Italian shows available on Netflix. “From Scratch” is an incredible show inspired by Tembi Locke’s memoir. Locke, an American, spends a year studying abroad in Florence where she encounters her future husband, a Sicilian chef. However, upon returning to the US and starting a life together, illness and family conflicts threaten to separate them.

#7 A Doctor in the Family

One of Italy’s most renowned TV shows, it follows a doctor who struggles with maintaining a work-life balance after the loss of his wife. Lele, the widowed doctor, relocates to a small town to embark on a fresh journey with his father and three children. Each of the kids possesses unique qualities, ensuring that hilarious incidents occur in every episode!

While primarily a comedy, the show also introduces moments of drama, making it captivating and binge-worthy. In fact, there are approximately 250 episodes, guaranteeing endless entertainment!


After watching the show, you will have a better understanding of the culture of Italy, and its attractions, and those who are especially attentive will be able to even find hidden gems. This means that you are ready to travel and can confidently hit the road.


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