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Italy is fantastic. From Alps in the north to the islands in the south, the country has everything. You will find rich culture, great food, awesome scenic beauty, gorgeous landmarks, and Renaissance-era work from the true masters like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and so many others. Truly, Italian culture is fantastic, which you can know more in different-level.com. Not just Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan, there are so many attractions you can see on your travel to Italy.

Traveling to Italy in Europe is sure to be a fulfilling experience. But you have to choose what to want to see and plan a vacation to Italy accordingly because otherwise, you may have to stay in this country for several months. Read the best books about Italy travel. These books will give you key insights into what to see and do based on your personal preferences.

10 Best Italy Travel Books of All Time

What are the best travel books for Italy? Luckily, there are many good ones out there. Here are the must-read ones –

  1. Eat, Pray, Love

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Year of publication: 2006

This book is a memoir of the author, who after her divorce decided to travel through Italy, Indonesia, and India. Her Italian discovery is represented by “Eat”, Indian spirituality is “Pray”, and her time in Bali is “Love” as she fell in love again with a businessman from Brazil.

  1. Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany

Author: Rick Steves

Year of publication: 2004

This extensive guide gives you detailed knowledge on Florence and Tuscany. Find out the top sights to see and also several hidden wonders. You will also learn about many walking tours and how to skip the line. There have been more than 18 editions of this book, so you can understand how popular it is.

  1. Fodor’s Rome

Author: Katie Parla

Year of publication: 1986

This is one of the best travel books you can find on Rome. It provides detailed maps of the city, itineraries you can customize, and also useful travel tips that will help you drink and eat like the locals.

  1. Italy The Best Places to See by Rail

Author: Bob Kaufman

Year of publication: 2018

Bob has operated Italian escorted tours for three decades and he pours his huge experience in this book. It can be a wonderful guide, especially if you are planning to see the country by rail. It offers detailed knowledge on five itineraries for the Lakes District, Venice, Florence, Rome, and seeing the Alps from the Bernina Express.

  1. Frommer’s Italy

Author: Stephen Brewer

Year of publication: 2022

Honest recommendations and helpful advice make this a super book. It includes restaurant reviews, information on the best museums, latest advice on transportation, and also provides budget-planning help. You will get tips on how to explore Pompeii, learn about the best works of Leonardo da Vinci, the best canals to visit in Venice, and off-the-beaten-path Puglia.

  1. Italian Street Food

Author: Paola Bacchia

Year of publication: 2016

Italy is a culinary delight. You need to know what to eat and where to eat to have the best travel memoirs. This guide will take you to the back streets where you can know about the best cafes and bars. Not just pasta and pizza, it introduces you to many other Italian delicacies. The book also shows how you can make many authentic Italian dishes.

  1. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

Author: Marcella Hazan

Year of publication: 1992

This book is the bible for you if you want to learn Italian cooking. It shares the techniques and ingredients you need to prepare delicious and authentic recipes.

  1. Made in Italy: A Shopper’s Guide

Author: Laura Morelli

Year of publication: 2013

You will surely want to bring back memorabilia from Italy. This book gives you a complete tour of everything you can buy in the country. It will also introduce you to many amazing workshops you can visit.

  1. Lonely Planet Italy (Country Guide)

Author: Brendan Sainsbury

Year of publication: 1998

This is a must-read. This extensive 1000-page Lonely Planet Italy guide provides you with complete information on the country. It was originally published in 1998. But an updated version was brought out in 2020, so you can be sure of finding the latest information.

  1. Finding Love in Positano

Author: Lucy Coleman

Year of publication: 2022

This is a fiction story on how Marci James goes to the Italian Coast and finds the right balance of pleasure and work. It tells the story of how she falls in love with her local guide in beautiful Positano in the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is a fantastic country to visit. Reading books is a great way to discover the country. The best books for Italy travel will give you detailed knowledge, which you cannot get by reading articles.


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