Island in A Small Italian Lake with Real Australian Kangaroos

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With the removal of most of the restrictions associated with Covid-19, people have rediscovered the pleasure of traveling, of moving from city to city and country to country, thus returning to relishing the full taste of exploration.

For many, the return to a semblance of freedom coincided with a very strong desire to return to living peacefully, without any limits, indulging in all those subtle pleasures that the pandemic seemed to have taken away forever. Nearly three years after the beginning of the Covid-19-related nightmare, we can say that the health emergency has not only turned the lives of companies and people upside down but has also forged human beings who are completely different from before, characterized by a much sharper sensitivity and awareness than before.

For a good portion of young people and adolescents, the pandemic was an unprecedented experience, capable of throwing them into utter confusion because of the changed social conditions it brought with it, with all the changes related to teaching, learning, and social life in general

The new travelers

An equally mortifying trauma was the one experienced by all those people, young or old, who loved to travel, and who for at least a year and a half were forced to give up their travels because of the anti-Covid restrictions imposed by many countries, or because of the excessive rigidity of certain restraining measures, such as quarantine periods or requirements to submit certain health documentation.

For all of them, the inability to move and travel has given rise to an incredible desire for freedom, for rebellion, for an inner urgency that is only finding an outlet in recent months as restrictions and restraints are removed in most countries. The pandemic has also spawned a completely different kind of traveler, one who is much more attentive to the quality of the experience and acutely aware of all the risks associated with travel, particularly health risks.

It is as if the Covid, in a sense, has awakened the practical consciences of many people, making them much better prepared to face reality in its entirety, including any unforeseen contingencies. The new traveler does not necessarily travel in groups, relying on organized groups or travel agencies, but mostly travels alone, seeking out his own new destinations and new wonders to savor with all his senses.

A passion for the unusual

One result of this obvious transformation, from one point of view, is the growing passion for unusual, bizarre destinations, for all those little-known locations that are characterized by some curious fact, or sensational feature that makes them truly unique.

The modern traveler who were to happen upon Italy, for example, would no longer visit traditional tourist destinations, such as Florence, Rome, or other cities, but would set out in search of unusual places capable of igniting his imagination, giving him unique emotions that he would find nowhere else.

Few people know that in the province of Como, within the small lake of Pusiano, there is an island where wallaby kangaroos and rare exotic birds live, a kind of miniature nature park where the owners, for the past few years, have continued to bring the most bizarre animals from all corners of the world, placing them in an extremely pleasant natural setting far from the chaos of big cities.

The island can be reached by a comfortable boat, which is about twenty minutes will transport you inside this magical little island set in a small lake in northern Italy. It is a perfect place to treat yourself to a break from work, to relax, or even simply to admire something unusual while enjoying an outdoor lunch in total tranquility.

It is a kind of relaxation comparable only to that triggered by some of the best online gambling games, such as poker and other online casino games. Nowadays, through these platforms specialized in online entertainment, every player will be able to find the most suitable experience for his or her taste, with the possibility of experiencing it even from the comfort of home, while sitting on his or her couch, in a relaxing atmosphere that could only be found on certain remote and remote islands, just like the one located in Lake Pusiano.

The presence of honest reviews and helpful guides, within these sites, helps even the most inexperienced players to settle into the magical world of online entertainment, where relaxation and fulfillment are always just around the corner. There are so many free games that there are even ones with a Kangoo theme.

To travel more consciously, in this complex age, one must abandon all one’s beliefs and throw oneself into the search for the unknown, the unusual, the mysterious.

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Last Updated on 2022/11/28


Santo Stefano Castle, Monopoli

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