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Italy has a long, rich history where gambling has been present for centuries, with the first records dating back to the Roman Empire when Roman soldiers enjoyed a game of Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum (the basis of modern backgammon). 

Many games originated in Italy; some say Baccarat was invented in the 15th century. One thing is sure, though, whether other cultures influenced games, the Italians have embraced games of chance and skill with open arms. 

In 1638 (in Venice), the country’s first gambling house opened called Ridotto, where the more affluent Italians enjoyed games like Biribi and Bassetta were played. The problem with these games was the house edge was too high, leading to many illegal gambling venues called casinos, a word well-known throughout the modern world of gambling.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Italy?

Online gambling is currently legal in Italy so that Italians can enjoy online games, including slots, dice games and roulette, at sites like whenever and wherever they happen to be using their mobile devices, laptops or home computers.

In the past, the Italian Government tightly controlled and suppressed online gambling, even attempting to block foreign websites; of course, this strict monitoring of the Italian people’s gambling activities by the Italian government was set to fail. 

After this failure, the government attempted to operate its own online gambling websites, finally legalising gambling in the country. But it was not until 2011 that all online gambling activities became officially legalised throughout Italy. 

Today there are more than 200 gambling websites in Italy. Two-thirds are online casino websites, with the rest made up of online bingo, poker websites, and mobile casinos. 

Italian Player’s Favourite Casino Games

The Italian public does not hold too many preferences for one or two gambling games, with many people having choices that suit their particular style of play. Both bingo and lottery have been historically popular throughout Italy, with betting on sports riding high in gambler’s preferences, 

Within Italian casinos, games such as roulette, blackjack and poker are prominently featured and preferred by many gambling fans. These choices can be enjoyed online, with many Italians choosing to play their favourite games at their online casino than leave their homes to visit the local casino. 

One of the more favoured ways Italians play online casinos is by using the live dealer online casino facility you can find at most good sites nowadays. 

For instance, live online roulette games are hosted by a real-life croupier who spins a physical wheel and then drops a real ball into it. Players who join a live online roulette table can watch to see whether the ball will land on their number or colour; the only difference in the game is that bets are made with digital chips and a finger click. 

All live online roulette games take place real-time, streamed from a room or set of gambling rooms via your webcam using this feature.  You can even chat with fellow players and the croupier in between spins via a live chat feed on your screen, so it’s no wonder that roulette lovers, Italian or not, enjoy this immersive gameplay. 

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