Three unusual places in Milan to see at least once in your life

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Last Updated on 2022/07/29

Summer is the perfect time to backpack and explore the world’s most beautiful cities, alone or in company, getting lost in the romantic backstreets of a small village or the boisterous hubbub of a big metropolis.

The end of the Covid-19 restrictions, from this point of view, has pushed more and more people out of their homes, prompting them to book trips abroad and leave with a strong desire for adventure, inspired also by the long months spent at home due to the lockdowns and all the measures put in place by the authorities to contain the pandemic wave. In a way, the health emergency has generated a new kind of traveller, much more aware and responsible than before, and characterised by a great desire to throw oneself headlong into the more dynamic flow of life. Indeed, the pandemic has produced more curious travellers, much more eager to engage in the exploration of unknown places, dragging them out of their comfort zone and throwing them into the fray of real, practical, tangible (and visible) existence.

The new travellers

The new type of traveller tends to snub traditional sights, tourist destinations and monuments mentioned in guidebooks, preferring instead unusual places that can trigger real emotions, electrifying sensations. Those who happen to be in Milan, the vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolis of northern Italy, will certainly want to visit something other than the traditional sights, such as the famous Duomo, instead seeking out the secret and unusual corners of the city, those capable of transmitting a thrill of excitement from the very first glance.

Milan’s secrets

The city of Milan, from this point of view, is capable of offering truly unique glimpses, curious and unusual places that will remain etched in the memory of anyone lucky enough to visit them. One place capable of surprising (and enchanting) is undoubtedly Casa Rossi, located at 12 Corso Magenta: from the outside, the traveller will notice a beautiful marble building with a facade of great visual impact, but the real wonder can be admired from the inside. Once through the entrance door, looking up, the traveller’s gaze will be fixed on the blue of the sky, perfectly visible thanks to an octagonal opening in the ceiling. Another little-known but fascinating location is the ‘Casa del Diavolo’, a historical building located at 3 Corso di Porta Romana. During the riots of 1848, which broke out between the Austrian forces and the citizens of Milan, this house was believed to be protected by the Devil. The origin of the belief is rooted in the fact that a cannonball, exploded during the riots, lodged in the wall of this building without knocking it down, and can still be seen today. In Milan, there are not only the boutiques of the big clothing brands, such as Versace or Dolce&Gabbana. More daring (and less impressionable) travellers should instead go to Santo Stefano square, to the chapel of San Bernardino alle Ossa, whose decorations (as one can easily guess from the name of the building) are largely made up of human bones and skulls. In the 17th century, a sudden collapse in the chapel revealed the presence of a large number of bones, almost certainly of saints or martyrs, which were later used for the chapel’s interior decoration.

Today’s travellers are therefore increasingly in search of exciting experiences, of adventures that can give them unforgettable sensations. This is one of the most evident results of the shocks produced by Covid-19, which shook a large part of people’s consciences, but also of that desire for freedom and to enjoy life’s thrills to the full that has begun to manifest itself in recent months, with the end of Covid-related restrictions and a timid return to freedom. It is precisely for this reason that online video games are having great success: people are looking for strong emotions capable of projecting them for a few moments into other dimensions, away from reality, through an immersive and all-encompassing online gaming experience. It is not so much the content of the game, or its setting, that is important, but its ability to trigger powerful emotions in the people who are playing. The search for real thrills has also led many people to experience the glittering opportunities offered by the world of online gambling, which, thanks to portals like VegasSlotsOnline, is able to offer a wide choice of online slots (also free) and land-based casino games to suit all tastes. Thanks to the presence of detailed guides and reviews focused on the individual games offered by the platform, each user will be able to quickly find the games most suited to his or her tastes, while also experiencing extremely addictive and exciting game modes. The quality of the offer blurs the differences between virtual and physical casinos, plunging each user into a world of endless fun.

The taste for the unusual, in this complex historical era, will allow a lot of people to experience unique, truly unforgettable emotions.

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