The 5th Anniversary of “Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team” begins & New Players Wearing the JUVENTUS Official Kit Debut

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On Friday, June 3, KLab Inc., a pioneer in online mobile games, revealed that Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, a head-to-head football simulation game, started off its special 5th Anniversary with the JUVENTUS OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN: Gifts for All and others in-game campaigns.

On June 13, 2005, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team was launched for the first time. New players donning the JUVENTUS official uniform will make their debut in the JUVENTUS Selection Transfer and JUVENTUS OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN: Gifts for All during Part 1 of the 5th Anniversary Campaign. Other initiatives will include the 5th Anniversary Big Thanks 10-Player Transfer Ticket, which allows users to make up to 500 free transfers.

JUVENTUS Official Event Missions Campaign

Event Period: Friday, June 3 until Tuesday, June 7 (UTC+9)

A special social media app-linked mission campaign begins.

Team up with users from all over the world to complete all the in-game missions and receive in-game rewards. Check the details of the missions and results on the official Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team social media pages.

Rewards will be given to all players each time a mission is completed.

Overview of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Supported OSes:                               Android™ 4.4+, iOS 10.0+, HarmonyOS 2.0+
Genre:                                                 Head-to-head football simulation game
Price:                                                   Free-to-play (In-app purchases available)
Supported Regions:                          Global (Excludes Japan and Mainland China)



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