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The stereotypical depiction of Italy taken from Hollywood films skews people’s popular perception of what the nation is really like.

In truth, Italy’s location, size, and extent means it runs 736 miles north to south through a huge diversity of cultures, dialects, cuisines and climates. With such variety, one may rightly ask whether there are any attitudes or traits common to the people of Italy as valid to someone residing in Trentino as to Sicily? While this is a complex and understandably nuanced question, one may extrapolate that there is a certain attitude towards gatherings and communal celebrations that is shared by much of southern Europe, to which Italy belongs. Luckily, you needn’t be an Italian to tap into this mode of relating with others, as it’s a state of mind. Below we’re taking a look at some creative and entertaining ways to bring friends and loved ones together in your daily life to celebrate and have fun.


One of the core ways to gather people together is around a cornucopia of food. Feasting is as old as humankind, and the fact that Italian food is still surging in popularity around the globe tells you all you need to know about the country’s enduring commitment to the culinary arts. The act of pooling resources in order to celebrate a delectable surplus of savory and sweet delights is one of the best possible ways to bring people together, and underlies the very meaning of the word “festa!” In many places around the world, significant holidays, events and rites of passage are commemorated with a communal meal, from weddings, to Christmas day. One great way to bring people together over food is to host a pot-luck. A pot-luck is when every guest is invited to bring a dish to contribute to the meal. As such, to host one takes very little effort, and is a great way to run a dinner party without having to cook a lot of the food yourself. This way, you very quickly end up with an extremely diverse and delicious platter of food to partake in. What’s more, as everyone contributes to the meal, the experience is shared by all.

Image source: unsplash


Games are an excellent way of getting people together. There are many different types of games that can be enjoyed in groups, from a game of football, to board games or a round of cards. Even in contexts where it may not be possible to play games together in person they are a great option for bringing people together. Many online platforms like offer features that reinforce the sense of sharing an experience together. It is a key reason behind why online gaming is experiencing continual growth globally, such as in India where the domestic online games industry is projected to grow 113% up to $3.91 billion by 2025. Users from the Indian subcontinent can make use of some of the best live casinos online to participate in live dealer rooms that offer an unprecedented level of authenticity and immersion, in turn fostering camaraderie and connection between players. It is but one example of the ways in which games can be useful constructively to bring people together via the internet.


If there’s one thing Italians love, it’s a good party. When planning a party, it’s good to consider the needs of your guests. If families are expected to arrive, replete with children, then some consideration should be given to accommodating their needs. From defining a play area, to serving appropriate beverages and ensuring parents with small children know where they can change a diaper. All of this may seem like a lot of effort, but this kind of ground work shows you care about your guests and are considerate of their needs. If you’re hosting a party that will run from day-time into the night, consider the ways in which you can change the orientation of the party to suit the shifting context as certain guests leave, others arrive, and the drinks begin to flow more freely. Just remember, while you can invest as much money and energy into décor and entertainment as you want into a party, when the time comes it’s important to just have fun and enjoy the company of your guests.

Featured image source: unsplash


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