Why Italian Food Is Beneficial For Your Health

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Contrary to what most people across the globe think of Italian cuisine, it is not only about Pasta and Pizzas.

Loaded in Carbs and covered with thick cheese, these two food categories must be the last thing that comes to your mind if you’re diet conscious. The authentic Italian range of delicacies ranges far beyond these stereotypes. It has been strongly influenced by the best elements of the Mediterranean diet and surprisingly possesses an array of health benefits which we will look upon in this article.

The core ingredients include fresh vegetables, olive oil, and grains low in calories and help maintain a balanced diet. This aspect, in turn, helps in your weight management and prevents the occurrence of any chronic lifestyle diseases in you. The popularity of traditional Italian cuisine is significant on a global scale that includes a strong presence in several regions in the US. For instance, Meetings Today beautifully explains Las Vegas’s love affair with Italian food. The destination famous for gambling and casinos embraces the delicacies of the Italian land in grand fashion. Fortunately, you don’t need to visit Las Vegas to enjoy the authentic casino experience as its online cousin is available for players across the globe at VegasSlotsOnline.com. With over 10,000 top-quality free slots and thousands of thoroughly reviewed casinos at your fingertips, the online gaming experience is indeed going to be delicious for casino enthusiasts.

Let’s now look at some major ingredients in the Italian food palette and their benefits for your well-being.


Tomatoes are an evident staple ingredient in Italian food. Their consumption has several benefits due to the abundance of Vitamin C, which you can go through in detail at WebMD. Their role in maintaining bone strength and tissues is not to be ignored. The presence of Vitamin K in them also provides bone strength along with the improved ability for blood clotting.

Sea Food

How can we ignore Sea Food from Italian cuisine? Right from Prawns, Tuna to Mussels, and Octopus, the variety is delicious and abundant. The high protein and low fat in them is the ideal dietary option for those who are keeping a close tab on calories. Also, not to mention the sumptuous amount of essential vitamins and minerals in them.


If you are a fan of horror films, you must know the importance garlic plays in warding off vampires. Jokes apart, garlic is a powerful player in boosting your immunity levels and aids in maintaining general fitness. In addition to the presence of Vitamin C, Manganese, and Selenium, garlic has proven its usefulness in controlling Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and lowering the chances of many cancers.

Olive Oil

This Monounsaturated fat-rich Oil is full of Omega Fatty Acids. Rich in antioxidants, Olive Oil is used as the base of most Italian dishes. Its role in ensuring healthy cardiovascular activity, reducing inflammations, and improving immunity make it rich in goodness.

Whole Grains

This heavyweight in Italian cuisines packs a punch in health benefits. Rich in fibers, they help avoid obesity, helps in bowel movement, and aids in digestion. Regular and measured consumption of whole grains can act as a potent agent against Type-2 Diabetes, heart diseases, and several types of Cancers.


We also have some good news for Wine lovers. Red Wine, in particular, is rich in antioxidants that slow down signs of aging and aids in proper stomach activity. Their ability to protect the body from unstable cells is an added benefit.


Your body needs the energy to function, and who better to provide that other than carbs. This nutrient can be your body’s friend as long as you don’t overconsume. Medical guidelines suggest a 45%-65% carb contribution to an average person’s diet. Healthy carbs you get from whole grains and cheese can serve the purpose.

Social Element

Lastly, the spirit of having Italian food promotes socializing and getting together with your loved ones. It is all about dining together and celebrating with your family and friends. There are seldom better ways to strengthen emotional bonds than sharing a table with good food and engaging conversations. Food for the stomach and the soul, if you may.

It is, therefore, not a wonder that Italians have a longer life span in general. The physical ingredients in their cuisine promote longevity of life due to the numerous health benefits. The social culture of dining improves bonding and mental health too. Eat and live life, the Italian way!

Image source: pixabay

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