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Florence wine tours

Being the capital of one of the most famous wine regions in the world, Florence is not just a great starting point for the many wine tours the Tuscany countryside has to offer, but has a great wine culture of its own.

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Weird Italy san-galgano-title The sword in the stone: San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany Featured Italian History Magazine What to see in Italy  tuscany the sword in the stone siena san galgano abbey san galgano religion montesiepi monks monastery John Hawkwood galgano guidotti condottieri di ventura chiusdino

The sword in the stone: San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany

San Galgano is Cistercians abbey not far from Siena, in Chiusdino area. The site is composed by a big abbey, now in ruins, and by the Hermitage (Rotonda di Montesiepi), the religious retreat.

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Weird Italy vie-cave-pitigliano The Ancient Paths of Etruscan People Carved Into The Rocks Featured Italian History Magazine Nature in Italy What to see in Italy  vie cave via clodia tuscany sunken roads sovana sorano roman pitigliano maremma history grosseto etruscan etruria cavoni

The Ancient Paths of Etruscan People Carved Into The Rocks

Vie Cave: An impressive Etruscan road network, vertically carved into the tuff (sometimes 6 meters high), links Pitigliano, Sovana, and Sorano, in Maremma, Tuscany. Originally, … Read more

Weird Italy ugolino-title Ugolino, the Cannibal Count Featured Italian History Italian People Italy Crime News and Criminal Investigations Magazine  tuscany traitors pisa inferno hell Guelphs Ghibellines gherardesca divine comedy dante Count Ugolino della gherardesca Canto XXXIII cannibalism cannibal count

Ugolino, the Cannibal Count

‘Father our pain’, they said, ‘Will lessen if you eat us you are the one Who clothed us with this wretched flesh: we plead For … Read more

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