Weird Italy fellini-satyricon The weirdest, hallucinated Fellini’s movie: Satyricon Featured Italian History Magazine  satyricon rome roman empirehermaphrodite petronius nero movie gaius petronius arbiter fellini satyricon federico fellini encolpius

The weirdest, hallucinated Fellini’s movie: Satyricon

Satyricon, loosely based on the Roman homonymous book by Petronius, is a beautiful example of Roman novel. The surviving portions are an account of Encolpius and his lover misadventures.

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Weird Italy EUR-title Architecture Under Fascism: E.U.R. Featured Italian Art, Design & Photography Italian History Magazine What to see in Italy  rome roman empire mussolini Marcello Piacentini Italian rationalism futurism fascist architecture fascism eur Esposizione Universale architecture

Architecture Under Fascism: E.U.R.

EUR is an acronym for Esposizione Universale Roma and is a perfect example of fascist architecture. Fascist architecture became popular under Benito Mussolini’s rule of … Read more

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