Scent of a Woman

A teenage private is tasked with escorting a blind captain. It quickly becomes evident that they both have complicated personalities. Scent of a Woman (Italian: … Read more

In nome del popolo italiano

In nome del popolo italiano

A court looks into the death of a young woman, which appears to be a homicide. He suspects a well-known industry mogul with significant political … Read more

Straziami ma di baci saziami

Straziami, ma di baci saziami

Marino decided to travel to Rome in order to reclaim his girlfriend. Their paths ultimately intersected after many difficulties, but to his surprise, she is … Read more


I mostri

I mostri (also known as Opiate ’67 or, in a shortened version, 15 from Rome) is a 1963 Italian commedia all’italiana film directed by Dino … Read more


Il successo

An arriviste pursues a golden real-estate opportunity at the expense of friends and family, driven by the ambition to be wealthy. He must now give … Read more

Poor But Beautiful

Poor But Beautiful

Romolo and Salvatore are two young men who are neighbors and friends. They live in Piazza Navona, Rome, with their parents. They are impoverished yet … Read more


Il sorpasso

A brash braggart drags a meek law student along for a two-day road trip from Rome to Tuscany. Il sorpasso (“the overtaking”) is a 1962 … Read more


Dino Risi

The Life and Films of Dino Risi Dino Risi was an Italian film director who died on June 7, 2008. He was a maestro of … Read more

Poster for the movie "Love in the City"

Love in the City

Love in the City is a 1953 Italian anthology film that is divided into six sections, each with its own writer or director. The anthology … Read more