Poster for the movie "Trauma"


A young woman who is anorexic flees from a mental center and finds a young man who wants to help. Trauma by Dario Argento (1993) … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Phantom of the Opera"

The Phantom of the Opera

The ghost in this gory version of Gaston Leroux’s famous novel is not deformed, but rather a man nurtured by rats deep beneath the Paris … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Mother of Tears"

The Mother of Tears

An antique urn was discovered in a cemetery outside of Rome. When it is opened, it sets off a chain of terrible events: robberies, rapes, … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Card Player"

The Card Player

Anna Mari, a police officer, is forced to play a perilous game with the title serial murderer. Dario Argento directed The Card Player (Italian: Il … Read more

Poster for the movie "Dracula 3D"

Dracula 3D

When Englishman Jonathan Harker visits Count Dracula’s exotic castle, he is captivated by the enigmatic aristocrat. Dario Argento co-wrote and directed the 2012 vampire horror … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Stendhal Syndrome"

The Stendhal Syndrome

When a young policewoman becomes a victim of the cruel man’s infatuation while following down an elusive serial rapist/killer through Italy, she gradually becomes mad. … Read more

Poster for the movie "Tenebre"


A serial murderer stalks an American writer in Rome, intent on tormenting him and killing anybody linked with his work on his current novel. Dario … Read more

Poster for the movie "Suspiria"


During a sequence of brutal killings, an American newbie at a prominent German dance academy realizes the institution is a cover for something nefarious. Suspiria … Read more

Poster for the movie "Phenomena"


A little girl with an incredible capacity to speak with insects is sent to an expensive Swiss boarding school, where her extraordinary gift may aid … Read more

Poster for the movie "Opera"


A psychotic admirer stalks a young opperata with the intent of murdering anybody affiliated with her in order to claim her for himself. Dario Argento’s … Read more

Poster for the movie "Inferno"


A young man travels from Rome to his sister’s occult New York apartment building. Dario Argento wrote and directed the 1980 Italian supernatural horror film … Read more

Poster for the movie "Deep Red"

Deep Red

A musician witnesses the murder of a famous clairvoyant and then teams up with a fiery reporter to uncover the perpetrator while escaping assassination attempts … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Cat o' Nine Tails"

The Cat o’ Nine Tails

A reporter and a retired journalist who is blind strive to investigate a string of killings. The crimes are linked to covert research conducted by … Read more