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Women of the World

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La Donna nel Mondo: 1963 Film Exploring Female Conditions.

Women of the World (“La donna nel mondo” in Italian) is a 1963 film directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara, and Franco Prosperi. The movie is a reportage examining the condition of women worldwide, focusing on various issues such as gender disparity, prostitution, and women’s roles in different cultures.

Creative Team and Style

The film is the second collaboration between Jacopetti, Cavara, and Prosperi, following the stylistic approach established in their previous film, “Mondo cane.” The narration for the Italian version was provided by Stefano Sibaldi, while the script was solely written by Jacopetti, who also oversaw the film’s editing. In the English version, actor Peter Ustinov provided the voice-over narration.

Dedication and Music

The film is dedicated to Belinda Lee, Jacopetti’s companion, who died prematurely in a road accident during the film’s production. The musical score was composed by Nino Oliviero and Ritz Ortolani. The song “Una donna nel mondo” was performed by Nico Fidenco and released under the label RCA Italiana PM45 3167.

Release and Distribution

The film premiered in Italy on January 30, 1963, and was later exported abroad, where it achieved moderate success. Internationally, it is known as “Women of the World.” The film has also been made available in home video formats and can be found on various streaming platforms.

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