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Umberto D

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Vittorio De Sica directed the 1952 Italian neorealist film Umberto D. The majority of the players were amateurs, including Carlo Battisti, who plays Umberto Domenico Ferrari, an impoverished old man in Rome who is urgently attempting to maintain his leased apartment. His landlord (Lina Gennari) is evicting him, and his only genuine pals, the housemaid (Maria-Pia Casilio) and his dog Flike (referred to as ‘Flag’ in certain subtitled versions of the film), are unable to stop her.

According to Turner Classic Movies’ Robert Osborne, this was De Sica’s favorite of all his films. In 2005, the film was named one of TIME magazine’s “All-Time 100 Movies.” Virgilio Marchi created the film’s sets.

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