The First King

Il primo re

Romulus and Remus, two shepherds and loyal brothers, end up taking part to a journey that will lead one of them to be the founder of the greatest nation ever seen.

The First King: Birth of an Empire, released as Romulus v Remus: The First King in the UK, is a 2019 Italian historical drama film directed by Matteo Rovere.

Set in the 8th century BC, it is about the shepherd brothers Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome. The main actors are Alessandro Borghi and Alessio Lapice. All spoken dialogue is in an early form of Latin. The movie had a budget of 7.5 million euros.

The film was theatrically released in Italy on January 1, 2019 by 01 Distribution. It was released in North America on DVD and Blu-ray Disc by Well Go USA Entertainment on September 24, 2019, with both original audio and an English-dubbed version,[2][3] while in the United Kingdom by Signature Entertainment on January 13, 2020.

The First Kng (2019) Movie Trailer

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