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Rabid Dogs

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Following a botched heist, three violent criminals kidnap a young woman, a middle-aged man, and a child and force them to drive them outside of Rome to aid in their escape.

Rabid Dogs (Italian: Cani arrabbiati) is a 1988 Italian film directed by Mario Bava that stars Riccardo Cucciolla, Don Backy, Lea Lander, Maurice Poli, George Eastman, and Erika Dario. The film portrays a pair of payroll robbers who kidnap a young woman and compel a guy with a sick child to be their getaway driver, all while attempting to escape being apprehended by the authorities.

Rabid Dogs, an adaptation of Michael J. Carroll’s Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine short story “Man and Boy,” was a departure for Bava, since its emphasis on reality set it distinct artistically from previous colorful horror flicks.

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