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Mondo Cane Oggi – L’Orrore Continua

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“Mondo Cane Oggi – L’Orrore Continua” (“Mondo Dog Today – The Horror Continues”) is a 1985 documentary film directed by Stelvio Massi. It is intended as a sequel to “Mondo Cane” and “Mondo Cane 2,” and follows in the tradition of the “mondo” film genre.

Content and Themes

The film features candid footage that includes scenes of sex, mutilations, drug use, and death. The aim is to portray reality in its entirety, leaving it up to the viewer to form their own judgments.

Subsequent Installments

In 1988, Stelvio Massi directed another installment, titled “Mondo Cane 2000 – L’incredibile” (“Mondo Dog 2000 – The Incredible”), further continuing the series.

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