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Mondo Cane 2000 , Mondo Dog 2000 – The Incredible

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“Mondo Cane 2000 – L’incredibile” (“Mondo Dog 2000 – The Incredible”) is a 1988 documentary film directed by Gabriele Crisanti and Stelvio Massi. The film was released two years after “Mondo Cane Oggi – L’Orrore Continua” and diverges somewhat from the traditional “mondo” genre, drawing inspiration from films like “Faces of Death.”

Content and Subject Matter

The film features scenes of brutal violence, sex, nudity, and various curiosities from different countries. Among the topics covered are porn taxis, gay pride parades, erotic bakeries, child prostitution, children forced to crush coca leaves (resulting in severe skin injuries), human skin trade, and sick children. In keeping with the “mondo” tradition, animals are not spared from cruelty; however, this is limited to two scenes involving the extraction of a monkey’s heart while it is still alive and another operation on a monkey for testosterone.

Distribution and Classification

The film was released in Italian cinemas in 1988 and was distributed on VHS by RCA – Columbia Pictures in 1989. As of now, there is no DVD or Blu-ray edition planned. The film was given an 18+ rating, making it restricted for viewers under 18 years of age.

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