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Mondo Cane 2

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“Mondo Cane 2” is a 1963 documentary film directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi. It serves as a sequel to the 1962 film “Mondo Cane” and continues in the tradition of “mondo” films, capturing bizarre and shocking customs from various countries around the world. The film documents peculiar practices and habits in locations such as Mexico, Hawaii, the United States, England, Africa, Cilento, Puglia, and Vietnam.

Cultural and Social Narratives

The film begins by focusing on the removal of vocal cords from English dogs, a critique aimed at British censorship and disparagement of the previous film. It then shifts to fashion designer Emilio Federico Schubert, who showcases dogs with fur dyed to match the clothing and hats of the models walking them down the runway.

Themes and Segments

The camera subsequently zooms in on a spectator’s hair at the fashion show, revealing that she is wearing a wig. This serves as a segue to the Aversa hair market in Italy, where women sell their hair for extra income. From Aversa, the film transitions to a New York wig factory that produces wigs for busy American women. Other segments in the film cover topics like men rendered sterile from crocodile meat, children deformed to elicit sympathy, and a casting call in a Sicilian village.

Sequels and Continuations

In 1986, director Stelvio Massi released “Mondo Cane oggi – L’orrore continua” (“Mondo Dog Today – The Horror Continues”), an evident sequel to the original “Mondo Cane” film by Jacopetti and Prosperi. Another installment, “Mondo Cane 2000 – L’incredibile” (“Mondo Dog 2000 – The Incredible”), was released in 1988.

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