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Juliet of the Spirits

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Giulietta, a middle-aged woman, becomes suspicious of her husband, Giorgio, as his conduct becomes increasingly suspect. Federico Fellini’s 1965 Italian-French fantasy comedy-drama Juliet of the Spirits stars Giulietta Masina, Sandra Milo, Mario Pisu, Valentina Cortese, and Valeska Gert. The story revolves around visions, memories, and mysticism that help a middle-aged lady find the courage to leave her philandering spouse. “Caricatural kinds and dream settings are used to portray a mental landscape” in the film. It was Fellini’s first feature-length color picture, but it followed his usage of color in the portmanteau film Boccaccio ’70’s The Temptation of Doctor Antonio episode (1962). Juliet of the Spirits received the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film in 1966.


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