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Italian Western Movies

A Bold Collection Capturing the Grit and Adventure of Spaghetti Western Cinema.

Venture into the rugged landscapes of the Old West through Italian lenses with our extensive list of Italian western movies, also known as Spaghetti Westerns. This collection, showcasing posters, images, trailers, and notable actors and directors, embodies the gritty and distinctive style of this unique Italian genre.


The Specialists

While looking for the money purportedly taken by his murdered brother, a chain mail-clad gunfighter …

The Mercenary

A ruthless Polish mercenary helps a mining worker and a peasant girl organize a revolt against the r…

The Great Silence

In the winter of 1898, a silent gunfighter protects a young widow and a gang of outlaws from a gang …

My Name Is Nobody

A youthful, easygoing gunfighter idolizes and competes with an elderly gunfighter who wishes to reti…

Trinity Is Still My Name

Bambino wants to teach his brother Trinity how to be an outlaw, but instead the two end up saving a …
They Call Me Trinity

They Call Me Trinity

A slacker, unconventional gunfighter and his hulking, horse-stealing brother defend a Mormon hamlet …

List of Italian western movies (Spaghetti Western): posters, images, info, trailers, actors, directors, and more.

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