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Italian Science Fiction Movies

An Inventive Collection Showcasing the Futuristic Narrative Landscapes of Italian Sci-Fi Cinema.

Navigate through imaginative realms with our extensive list of Italian science fiction movies. This collection presents posters, images, trailers, along with notable actors and directors, showcasing the inventive and futuristic narrative landscapes unique to Italian sci-fi cinema.


The Invisible Boy

Michele, thirteen, is shy, disliked at school, and madly in love with Stella. He discovers that he i…


Gabriele Salvatores directed the 1997 Italian cyberpunk science fiction film Nirvana. Christopher La…
Planet of the Vampires

Planet of the Vampires

After arriving on an unknown planet, a group of astronauts begins to turn on each other, influenced …
Poster for the movie "The 10th Victim"

The 10th Victim

Big conflicts are prevented in the near future by providing those with violent inclinations a chance…

List of Italian science fiction movies: posters, images, info, trailers, actors, directors, and more.

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