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Italian Music Movies

A Vibrant Collection Capturing the Rhythm and Harmony of Italian Musical Cinema.

Venture into the melodious realm of Italian cinema with our extensive list of Italian music movies. This collection showcases posters, images, trailers, along with notable actors and directors, embodying the rhythm and harmony that define Italian musical storytelling.

Poster for the movie "Variety Lights"

Variety Lights

Variety Lights is a 1951 Italian romantic drama film directed and produced by Federico Fellini and s…
Poster for the movie "And the Ship Sails On"

And the Ship Sails On

In 1914, a cruise ship leaves Naples to scatter the ashes of famed opera diva Edmea Tetua in Erimo, …
Poster for the movie "Ginger and Fred"

Ginger and Fred

Federico Fellini directed and wrote the 1986 comedy/drama film Ginger and Fred, which starred Marcel…

List of Italian music movies: posters, images, info, trailers, actors, directors, and more.

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