Weird Italy mRlO7kBLNxG4nUwkzaL5eDT8fK9 La Commare Secca aka The Grim Reaper

La Commare Secca aka The Grim Reaper

Roman police detectives interrogate a series of potential perpetrators in their struggle to determine whom to arrest for the brutal murder of a beautiful prostitute whose body is discovered in a park on the day of a torrential rainstorm. One by one, the prime suspects — girl-crazy teenager Nino, pickpocket Canticchia, a soldier on leave, a tourist and a pimp — recount the events of the day to the police, each insisting he is innocent.

Weird Italy rqYRxh9kunO5eBdPLca1BcNcaIi Trauma


An anorexic young woman escapes from a psychiatric clinic and meets a young man who wants to help. She is caught and returned to her parents, who are soon beheaded by a garrotting stranger making the rounds about town, apparently striking only when it rains. The orphaned young woman and her new lover launch their own investigation and are endangered when a link is discovered with the victims and a particular operation performed years before.

Weird Italy oa9ib4eULqTj0Wrl7NskCtgKAkP The Sect

The Sect

This stylishly photographed horror movie centers upon a beautiful, good-hearted schoolteacher whose life becomes a living hell after she is chosen to bear the son of Satan. Her horrible ordeal begins when an ancient enigmatic traveller places an ancient, supposedly extinct, insect up her nose. It crawls into her brain. She soon begins having terrifying dreams and more. When she learns the awful truth about her relationship with the Dark Master things get even worse. … Read more

Weird Italy zBaPj7OLO3nFL5z5lDcsxP2hGWw The Wax Mask

The Wax Mask

Paris, 1900: a couple are horribly murdered by a masked man with a metal claw who rips their hearts out. The sole survivor and witness to the massacre is a young girl. Twelve years later in Rome a new wax museum is opened, whose main attractions are lifelike recreations of gruesome murder scenes. A young man bets that he will spend the night in the museum but is found dead the morning after. Soon, people … Read more

Weird Italy sSE3TTPjcDYarN4xuzqgal4lptk The Card Player

The Card Player

Policewoman Anna Mari is forced to play a dangerous game with the title serial killer. If she loses, she witnesses the maniac’s tortured victims having their throats cut in explicit close-up detail via webcam. She teams up with British cop John Brennan to find out the identity of the murderer.

Weird Italy 8vOfyFkjcG6TqJELGGRhTu6EUQD Dracula 3D

Dracula 3D

When Englishman Jonathan Harker visits the exotic castle of Count Dracula, he is entranced by the mysterious aristocrat. But upon learning that the count has sinister designs on his wife, Mina, Harker seeks help from vampire slayer Van Helsing.

Weird Italy ttgMlgv76nbh3vwRl91P4JkgroA The Stendhal Syndrome

The Stendhal Syndrome

A young policewoman slowly goes insane while tracking down an elusive serial rapist/killer through Italy when she herself becomes a victim of the brutal man’s obsession.

Weird Italy x19TryVWyjoJCjVeQYqYKXNgNMr Tenebrae


An American writer in Rome is stalked by a serial killer bent on harassing him while killing all people associated with his work on his latest book.

Weird Italy dhk14s8ogQkbf6re3HLKV2UBHjx Phenomena


A young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boarding school, where her unusual capability might help solve a string of murders.

Weird Italy 8GwQYftf0yonDL3JTuJsyqABmQE Opera


A young opperata is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself.

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