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The bizarre Tyrolean Skull Puppets (1850 – 1945)

The unique Skull Puppets made in Val Gardena, South Tyrol. These heads were handcrafted in series from the first half of the 19th century until the Second World War. They were produced by a few families of sculptors from Val Gardena, South Tyrol, who specialized in these subjects. The heads were then bought by a…

30+ Unsettling Posters of the Italian Fascist Propaganda

Table of Contents1 Fascist Propaganda Posters2 Fonts and colors of the fascist propaganda3 Authors4 Fascist Propanda Posters5 Commercial Propaganda during the Fascist Regime in Italy Fascist Propaganda Posters The Italian fascist regime soon understood the importance of communication and propaganda. The Fascist government made extensive use of propaganda to “inspire” the nation to unity. In…

Facts, Images & History of the Appian Way

Table of Contents1 The Appian Way is one of the earliest and most important Roman roads of the ancient republic that changed the culture of Ancient Rome.1.1 History of the Via Appia1.2 Construction techniques1.3 Monuments and places of interest along the Appian Way1.3.1 Porta San Sebastiano1.3.2 Baths of Caracalla1.3.3 Saints Nereus and Achilleus1.3.4 San Cesareo…

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