Elio Petri

Weird Italy d5Uo46jkjs1HEogp4BIuY83QmaO We Still Kill the Old Way

We Still Kill the Old Way

A leftist professor wants the truth about two men killed during a hunting party; but the mafia, the Church and corrupt politicians don’t want him to learn it.

Weird Italy ax1oLCbpY0MM2Wp2DA74mXy1WVR Todo Modo (aka One Way or Another)

Todo Modo (aka One Way or Another)

Set during a retreat of Christian Democrat politicians who practice spiritual exercises together, it is an allegory of corrupted power. Disturbing, claustrophobic settings are the background to a series of mysterious crimes.

Weird Italy zBjrVMJUcqVxi307OmMtt3Vx6PX Good News

Good News

A disaffected media executive who spends his days watching violent programming on the six television screens in his office and his evenings is neglecting his frustrated wife at home.

Weird Italy UgkEvhwD7ayxwI4IeU5XOrr7cQ The Teacher from Vigevano

The Teacher from Vigevano

Primary school teacher Mr. Mombelli, nevertheless satisfied with his life, is driven by his wife to resign and starting a new activity. He invest all his goodwill setting up a footwear little factory.

Weird Italy ht23wNBKmD1yWrtCti0Xlm6mxV2 The Working Class Goes to Heaven

The Working Class Goes to Heaven

A conscientious factory worker gets his finger cut off by a machine. The accident causes him to become more involved in political and revolutionary groups.

Weird Italy vPTZwlq1IC4o1DCsEZEl2uGljzm Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Rome, Italy. After committing a heinous crime, a senior police officer exposes evidence incriminating him because his moral commitment prevents him from circumventing the law and the social order it protects.

Weird Italy aNWnYYCLkH2dwnDMKPQl8OupiNR A Quiet Place in the Country

A Quiet Place in the Country

A painter facing a creative block arranges to spend the weekend in the country at his mistress’s villa. While staying there, his sanity begins to disintegrate.

Weird Italy jYcStbgvnKmG1JvAW7WHu3Fp5iC Property Is No Longer a Theft

Property Is No Longer a Theft

A lowly bank clerk, literally allergic to money and revolted by its nefarious influence on humanity, launches a campaign of harassment against a wealthy butcher, stealing small, insignificant items— but never money—from the man. The victim uses the thefts to make large and fraudulent insurance claims, refusing to finger the thief for fear his own financial improprieties might be exposed.

Weird Italy 8zN7Bk1WIrxantuTFgOMHcTdOlh His Days Are Numbered

His Days Are Numbered

A middle-aged plumber quits his job and questions his life after seeing somebody his own age suddenly die from a heart attack on his way to work.

Weird Italy lQyODkPQZzVosnd7oZUzEZMZXd6 The 10th Victim

The 10th Victim

In the near future, big wars are avoided by giving individuals with violent tendencies a chance to kill in the Big Hunt. The Hunt is the most popular form of entertainment in the world and also attracts participants who are looking for fame and fortune. It includes ten rounds for each competitor, five as the hunter and five as the victim.

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