Carlo Lizzani

12 Directors for 12 Cities

Promotional omnibus film, made for the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, featuring portraits of 12 Italian cities.

Farewell to Enrico Berlinguer

Enrico Berlinguer (Sassari, May 25, 1922 – Padua, June 11, 1984) was an Italian politician, general secretary of the Italian Communist Party from 1972 until his death.

Weird Italy pMQQUdEwlIl3zcsNyGUPHKjlqJA Love and Anger

Love and Anger

Five short stories with contemporary settings. In New York, people are indifferent to derelicts sleeping on sidewalks, to a woman’s assault in front of an apartment building, and to a couple injured in a car crash. A man, stripped of his identity, dies in bed with actors expressing his agony. A cheerful, innocent young man walking a city street in a time of war pays a price for this innocence. A couple talks about cinema … Read more

Weird Italy hCCrolo9ovoL56gVm7urL0t1Qbr-1 Love in the City

Love in the City

Five stories of life, love and tears in Rome by five of Italy’s best film directors. Each of them take his turn at showing how love is found, lost, and nurtured in the Eternal City.

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