Daria Nicolodi

Daria Nicolodi (Florence, 19 June 1950) is an Italian actress and screenwriter, in particular of thriller and horror genre films shot during the years of her partnership with the director Dario Argento.

In the early seventies, she had some significant cinematographic and theatrical experiences under the guidance of Elio Petri, such as Property is no longer a theft (1973) and Carmelo Bene, such as Salome (1972). Nicolodi participated, as an actress or screenwriter, in all the films directed by Dario Argento from 1975 to 1987: Deep Red (1975), Suspiria (1977), Inferno (1980), Tenebre (1982), Phenomena (1984), Opera (1987 ).

Daria Nicolodi Filmography, bio and images

Weird Italy oa9ib4eULqTj0Wrl7NskCtgKAkP The Sect

The Sect

This stylishly photographed horror movie centers upon a beautiful, good-hearted schoolteacher whose life becomes a living hell after she is chosen to bear the son of Satan. Her horrible ordeal begins when an ancient enigmatic traveller places an ancient, supposedly extinct, insect up her nose. It crawls into her brain. She soon begins having terrifying dreams and more. When she learns the awful truth about her relationship with the Dark Master things get even worse. … Read more

Weird Italy 3K5qFnJfW6FMYSUsVipTJo5N8So The Mother of Tears

The Mother of Tears

An ancient urn is found in a cemetery outside Rome. Once opened, it triggers a series of violent incidents: robberies, rapes and murders increase dramatically, while several mysterious, evil-looking young women coming from all over the world are gathering in the city. All these events are caused by the return of Mater Lacrimarum, the last of three powerful witches who have been spreading terror and death for centuries. Alone against an army of psychos and … Read more

Weird Italy zo2uucPQ9FaGCwRG2tRV4V2KBVj Scarlet Diva

Scarlet Diva

A young Italian actress embarks on a self-destructive spree of sex, drugs and other excess while doing some soul searching to find the path for redemption.

Weird Italy x19TryVWyjoJCjVeQYqYKXNgNMr Tenebrae


An American writer in Rome is stalked by a serial killer bent on harassing him while killing all people associated with his work on his latest book.

Weird Italy 5ya8jTbNZTrCFUx9OwpNBjCivXY Suspiria


An American newcomer to a prestigious German ballet academy comes to realize that the school is a front for something sinister amid a series of grisly murders.

Weird Italy dhk14s8ogQkbf6re3HLKV2UBHjx Phenomena


A young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boarding school, where her unusual capability might help solve a string of murders.

Weird Italy 8GwQYftf0yonDL3JTuJsyqABmQE Opera


A young opperata is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself.

Weird Italy qBVJV8piH9dadqsnSrMcJqd7M4R Inferno


A young man returns from Rome to his sister’s satanic New York apartment house.

Weird Italy gaIKncvslWPCXU4gWJdR9v8Ayme Deep Red

Deep Red

A musician witnesses the murder of a famous psychic, and then teams up with a fiesty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen killer bent on keeping a dark secret buried.

Weird Italy jYcStbgvnKmG1JvAW7WHu3Fp5iC Property Is No Longer a Theft

Property Is No Longer a Theft

A lowly bank clerk, literally allergic to money and revolted by its nefarious influence on humanity, launches a campaign of harassment against a wealthy butcher, stealing small, insignificant items— but never money—from the man. The victim uses the thefts to make large and fraudulent insurance claims, refusing to finger the thief for fear his own financial improprieties might be exposed.

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