Junket Tourism: Destinations to Visit if You’re an Avid Gambler

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If you are a player with experience, you know how hard it is to choose from the list of casinos that match your preferences, Slovak online casino 2024 being an example of a top casino. With the best bonuses and promotions, these casino platforms are like a magnet for gambling enthusiasts around the world. No matter whether you are after a welcome bonus or a cashback deal offered by the casino, big wins are always near. This is one of the reasons online gambling experienced a surge in popularity in recent years.

Still, it can be hard to choose the best casinos articles in Europe, with top online casinos in Slovenia and other countries presenting great deals for players. About Us section, a valid casino license, and the casino’s game lobby will help you get familiar with the casino’s history and play to your heart’s delight. However, some players are no longer satisfied with the gaming experience that they receive at an online casino platform. They need to travel around the world, visit the gambling rooms in every corner of the planet, and create meaningful connections with other players. This provides them with a sense of belonging in the gambling community and helps them discover different gambling styles across the globe. 

The practice of going abroad and wagering at the top land-based casinos is not uncommon. This tradition is often referred to as junket tourism. Junket tourists have to create an itinerary to organize their trips successfully. You can either plan the tour on your own and reduce costs by associating yourself with a tourist agent. Other options include visiting a local travel agency and asking them to arrange the trip for you. If this is the case and you don’t want to spend long hours planning your next move, you have to follow a few rules established by the casino. 

Junket tours will often involve the players gambling at the casinos in different countries, with the minimum time spent at the casino established by the tour managers. The casino operators will expect you to spend an allocated time at the casino table, mingling with other players and trying out various table games. This is one of the rigorous requirements for the junket tour, as the casino that funds the journey will also expect you to reveal your gambling potential as you visit different cities. Your destinations will be carefully selected by the casino responsible for the trip, but you can always modify your schedule and provide suggestions for the list of destinations that you would like to be included in your junket tour. If you still find it hard to make a reasonable choice, here are the top spots for gambling tourists that you can try:


Singapore is a city-state that invites gamblers to try their luck at the Marina Bay Sands Resort, which is a building that features the biggest casino hall on the planet. You will find over 2,000 slot machines stationed here, and it is rumored that gamblers from around the world visit Singapore merely for the variety of traditional slot games that you can find here. Although Singapore might not be the best place for sports betting fans (the local gambling authorities prohibit sports betting), it is nevertheless a paradise for other gambling activities, with the players hitting enormous jackpots every hour.


If you think that European cities are not suited for non-stop gambling and don’t have that many exciting locations for players, you will abandon this notion as soon as you visit London, the heart of the gambling scene in Europe and the capital of the UK. If you want a touch of glamor and glitz while gambling and have always dreamt of a gambling location that looks like it could be a part of a James Bond movie, then the expensive Ritz Club is just what you need. The security system is impeccable here, so you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your money or violating your safety, and the poker tables are designed to lure the players in. Hippodrome Casino is another memorable destination in London, where you can play all of your favorite games without adhering to a strict dress code (smart casual is what most people wear at the casino) or having to pay entry fees (the casino allows free entry for players 24/7).


Did you know that Macau is the only place in China where gambling is allowed on a legal level? If this is something you were not aware of before, you will certainly find this gambling hub for avid players to be a gaming paradise. The city is considered to be the gambling capital of Asia, and it has evolved so much during the past years that even US junket tourists now call it a worthy rival of the famous Las Vegas casinos. Here, you will find table games and slots of endless variety, and it is said that the city is magnificent at night when gambling is at its peak.


If you are looking for a classier spot to gamble and are ready to revel in all the luxury, you are simply obliged to visit Casino de Monte Carlo as your next gambling destination. You will not find a more luxurious place to wager your money, and the whole atmosphere of the French Riviera is enough to make anyone fall in love with the legendary casino. Although the players are expected to follow a certain dress code here (the casino won’t let you enter in jeans), you will find that all of your efforts are paying off when you are finally sitting at the casino table and enjoying the gambling session.

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