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Have you ever wondered how such a small country can pack so many sights and attractions? There are plenty of surprising facts about Belgium which you will find fascinating. And there are much more things to do in this country than you expected. Thus, don’t think that a couple of days would be enough for a good trip. Belgium is not only about beer, waffles, and chocolate. It has more castles per square meter than any other country in the world and many other things which make the place distinctive and famous. So get ready for a wonderful journey along the most popular things to do and try for tourists in Belgium.

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Best Things Tourists Can Do in Belgium

Whether it’s your first trip to this amazing country or you might have been here many times already, you will always find something special in this place. However small it might look, tourists don’t feel bored or tired of exploring the wonders the country offers them. Here are the top popular things to do in Belgium to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Taste Belgian Chocolate

Suppose you want to dive into the fascinating chocolate world of Belgium. In that case, you are right to choose this destination for your holidays because Belgium has a long interesting tradition of chocolate making. You will never find anything similar and resembling the product anywhere in the world. Local restaurants use special recipes that have been secretly kept for centuries to amaze the customers with the most delicious chocolate that tastes perfect with medium sweet and medium bitterness. The chocolate here is characteristically more buttery, adding a special taste to a product. For those who have a sweet tooth, it’s a great chance to indulge yourself with the most famous confection that is famous all over the world. There is no shortage of it as Belgium produces about 220 000 tons of chocolate per year. 

Enjoy A Belgian Waffle

One more thing that stands alongside the chocolate for its popularity and consumption is a Belgian waffle. Once you decide to have a cup of coffee in a cafe, you won’t be able to resist a waffle when drinking it. It looks a little thicker than a traditional waffle. However, the taste is so incredible that you won’t miss a chance to order one or two more pieces. You would mention that the waffles are so different in Belgium, and it’s not surprising as the recipe contains totally different ingredients from those you are used to seeing in a regular type. Brussel’s waffles are frequently ordered, which are famous for being crispy and light.

Visit Horta Museum And Town Houses

Only being in Belgium provides an opportunity to learn more about such an outstanding architect and designer like Victor Horta. Art Nouveau admirers will find examples of this exquisite style and design when walking along the streets and contemplating the beauty of the stunning houses that survived in Brussel. And there are certain reasons for the buildings’ popularity. Its elaborate design with the original stained glass, mosaics, woodwork, and decorations can’t leave anyone indifferent. Your attention will be drawn to every decoration detail that you would find it hard to take your eyes off it. Everything in the building is so elegantly and aesthetically well constructed that it deserves to be called an object of art that so many people value. 

Go To Meus Valley

One more place that can inspire people with great ideas is the Mues River and the valley where you can enjoy the rural scenery of the country. The view is so gorgeous and mind-blowing there. Many artists and great minds used to spend time there to get some thrill from the scenery. With a nice river trip, you have a chance to see dense forest countryside with castles and fortress ruins on the hilltops. Besides, the Meus Valley provides its travelers with an opportunity to try various activities outdoors. 

Visit The Canals And Belfry Of Bruges

One of the most picturesque places in Belgium is the main square of Bruges with beautiful belfry and Halle. The sights are very recognizable and can often be seen in most postcards and souvenirs which you may acquire in Belgium. If you want to see them yourself, you can use a tourism website that shows all possible routes to hidden gardens and old historical streets nearby. Take a walking tour to enjoy the beauty of the canals and bridges, which might create a vibe of the Middle Age. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to learn some historical facts from the tour guide who would explain them to you coherently and in detail during sightseeing. 

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